Life Styles Inventory Sample Essay

Brian was mildly fearful about sing the consequences of the Life Styles Inventory he had taken. Possibly because his thought and behaviour were ne’er charted he was nervous to see the consequences ; or possibly he was worried that an nonsubjective position of his thought manner would uncover more about his personality than he was comfy disclosure. Whatever the ground. he was intrigued by the consequences. The consequences revealed things about him he didn’t know. confirmed intuitions of personality traits. encouraged alterations to negative manner tendencies. and otherwise provided a surprisingly accurate appraisal of his thought and behavioural manners.

Personal thought manners
Brian’s primary thought manner was accomplishment ( the 11 o’clock place in the circumplex ) . where he scored a 40. in the 99th percentile. His backup manner was affiliative ( the 2 o’clock place on the circumplex ) where he scored a 36. in the 83rd percentile. Both of these manners. though surprisingly high are represented in his work and life. Since high school he was a extremely motivated individual. and has set realistic ends and attained those ends. His work reflects the achievement manner as good ; the confer withing company started when he graduated high school is an illustration. and his upwards career way besides demonstrates his achievement manner. The high mark for the affiliative manner indicates people-oriented personalities that emphasize teamwork and cooperation. However. this personality trait entirely won’t needfully carry through anything because it will concentrate on the relationships and teamwork but non force to finish undertakings. Thus the matrimony of high accomplishment and affiliative manners is efficacious in the leading of a squad that works good. respects each other. and still accomplishes undertakings in a motivated mode. The accomplishment and affiliative manners are frequently seen in a cross-section of executives.

Because the nature of the occupation of an executive is to lead people and sell the company’s merchandise. these two traits are valuable because they aid the executive on the interior of the organisation by giving them the aptitude to actuate people and be liked and respected. and on the exterior of the organisation they create and maintain cardinal relationships with clients and possible clients ( CITE SOURCE HERE? ) . From his consequences. Brian identified two manners that could be restricting to his effectivity. These were the blessing and conventional manners. For the intent of this study. he chose the blessing manner as his modification manner though it was lower than the conventional manner. More so than the conventional manner. directors and leaders who fall into the higher percentiles of the blessing manner will be given to be less effectual because of their leading manner. Brian identified with the blessing manner in that he did be given to experience insecure about his abilities. was excessively concerned about being liked and accepted and was easy intimidated. An facet of that manner he committed to alter was the feeling of insecurity as related to his abilities. He knew that if he was more confident he would be better prepared to go a director or leader.

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Impact on direction manner
Brian’s accomplishment and affiliative manners lend themselves good to direction. As good. a mid-range mark of 18 ( 38th percentile ) for the perfectionistic manner could be utile as a director. because it demands a occupation good done. but besides doesn’t derive dignity from flawlessness and doesn’t rely on flawlessness to the point of blowing clip and cut downing productiveness. These manners fit good into the undermentioned four maps of direction: planning. forming. taking. and commanding ( Pakhare. 2007 ) . Planing requires careful readying and development of schemes and the achievement aptitude is excited and positively challenged to be after. However. excessively much perfectionism will cut down the productiveness of a director trying to be after. Organization besides utilizes the accomplishment. affiliative and perfectionistic manners in that forming non merely requires the motive and thrust to carry through undertakings. it requires people. and the affiliative manner AIDSs in conveying people on-board through relationship edifice.

The perfectionistic manner. as antecedently mentioned requires that organisation be efficient and effectual. but the degree Brian’s personality possessed isn’t plenty to go excessively perfectionistic. Leading could use Brian’s healthy dosage of the humanistic-encouraging manner. However. taking can non be accomplished by encouragement and sort words entirely. Thus. the affiliative manner helps with the relationship facet of taking. and achievement green goodss leading by illustration. Finally. commanding involves work outing public presentation jobs and streamlining employee productiveness every bit good as commanding costs and taking preventive steps when necessary. This is an country Brian’s restricting manner of blessing could be a job.

The country of commanding is frequently non popular and involves some confrontation and state of affairss where employees and co-workers will differ. While commanding does tap into Brian’s strengths in accomplishment and perfectionistic manners. it will necessitate doing hard and frequently unpopular determinations. Brian’s committedness to work on this country of his personality was of import as he moves toward direction. Overall. Brian has the aptitude and personality to be an effectual director. His personality isn’t free from mistakes. and as identified. the restrictions of the blessing manner are field. but clip and attempt will neutralize that menace to his successful direction. General George Smith Patton. Jr. summed up Brian’s aptitude when he said. “Never tell people how to make things. State them what to make and they will surprise you with their inventiveness. ”

Genesis of personal manners
Brian possessed the affiliative manner from a immature age. Even before his teenage old ages. he was transporting on meaningful conversation with grownups. and spent much of his clip around grownups. This non merely aided his ability to pass on efficaciously. it gave him a heightened consciousness of relationships and the significance and value of them. Throughout childhood and his teenage old ages. it was non uncommon to happen Brian transporting on a conversation with an grownup or prosecuting in an activity with an older friend.

When Brian was 17. his pa passed off all of a sudden from a quickly distributing encephalon tumour. Brian. who had worked alongside his pa in a machine store for many old ages. took over the running of the concern until a purchaser could be found. These six months began a life style and mentality alteration for him. Suddenly. the significance of supplying for a household and work and duty became crystal clear. and Brian began be aftering his calling. puting ends and acquiring educated. Even though Brian didn’t want to be a mechanic. the sheer demand to back up the household and concern drove him to go on. and this forced accomplishment shortly sparked a voluntary desire to use his accomplishments and personality traits in engineering. his passion.

Brian’s moderate degree of the perfectionistic manner is likely familial. balanced by his mother’s attending to item and his father’s mediocre sense of flawlessness. It’s hard to state where Brian’s higher blessing manner came from. He surmises that life experiences. and a of course low self-prides through his teenage old ages contributed. Both Brian’s parents were really conventional. Both his female parent and male parent followed conventional ways of thought. working and schooling. and it’s likely that turning up in that environment gave Brian the excessively high conventional manner.

Decision and contemplation
Having ne’er been portrayed by a personality trial. Brian was surprised at the truth and relevancy of the LSI. It non merely showed accurate strengths. it showed failings Brian agreed needed to be improved. While accomplishment and affiliative manners were high. so were blessing and conventional manners. which Brian would wish to take down. Therefore. Brian set a end that utilizing tools and schemes learned in GM591. he would do accommodations to his personality to better his effectivity. While non a director or leader at the clip of this authorship. his 10 twelvemonth end to be a high-ranking director or leader in the Information Technology field is realistic. and more creativeness and less conventionality. and reduced demand for blessing from others has given him the penetration and tools to do the alterations necessary to accomplish his calling end.


Pakhare. J. ( n. d. ) . Management constructs – the four maps of direction. Retrieved September 25. 2007. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. buzzle. com/articles/ management-concepts-the-four-functions-of-management. hypertext markup language

Appendix A: LSI consequences
Note Student had a transcript of their consequences here but I deleted to protect their confidentiality.


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