Different tones in Life Essay

Yawn Marten’s use of Tone Yawn Marten uses different tones in Life of Pi to portray his opinions of Pi Patella. He uses Pi to show humor, curiosity, savage, despair, philosophy, and definitely horror throughout the novel. Pi is forced to live with a tiger in such a confined space that he must find a way to train Richard Parker. Pl comforts himself by pretending he Is a tiger trainer ;n ” ” (Marten 208). This Marten’s way of showing how Pi Patella is humorous even In troubling situations.

Pl Is also confronted tit hunger, so to quench himself he must revert to a primitive state of eating anything he can find, Including the tiger’s feces. Yawn Marten shows Ply’s strong motivation to live by making him seem savage, but also letting the reader know that Pl Is curious so he can survive by trying anything. After Pl Patella Is rescued, he Is confronted with Interviewers about his Journey. Yawn shows Ply’s philosophical side when he explains that “Isn’t telling something-?using words, English or Japanese-? already something of an invention? ” (380).

Marten shows Pi as horrified when he popes with dangerous animals in a confined space. Yawn Marten lets the reader know that Pi is still fearful of wild animals, just as anyone would, even though he works and lives with them daily. Pip’s horror evolves into despair when he becomes weak and blind. “By the next morning I had lost all fear of death and I resolved to die” (Marten 305). Yawn portrays Pi as despairing, to show the immense pain and emotional desolation he has to go through. Yawn Marten uses Pi Patella to express many tones throughout the novel to help the reader understand the character on a much deeper level.

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