Life Experience Sample Essay

After my brother and I had completed our test. we felt happy and wanted to do a trip. So. we threw this suggestion to our parents. My male parent instantly agreed with it because he besides wanted to loosen up himself. We decided to travel to Tanjung Manis because that is the topographic point that we can bask ourselves by swimming. On that twenty-four hours. my brother and I woke up early. My female parent prepared sandwich. hot dog and poulet wings for us. We put all our appliances and breakfast into our auto. When my male parent wanted to acquire the car’s engine running. the auto wouldn’t start. We were afraid that the excursion might be cancelled. We tried many times. My brother kept his fingers crossed and hoped that the auto would non be faulty for long. Finally. the engine roared to life. We were really aroused and were speaking all the clip. We even told gags while my pa was driving. The scenery across was trees and the hills. My brother tended to make some arch face. I used my camera to capture his amusing face.

Suddenly. my male parent shouted and we noticed that a cow was traversing the route. We did non cognize what to make. I could see the oily perspiration tingled down my father’s cheek. My male parent tried to draw his handbrake and halt the auto but the brakes were non working. Then. my male parent swerved his auto to avoid the running into the animate being but my male parent lost the control he had over the auto. The auto rammed into a tree. I wanted to cognize about my household members’ safety but I even couldn’t travel my finger. I fainted and I finally lost consciousness. When I woke up I saw the spinning fan and my mother’s manus on mine. She comforted me and told me that my male parent and my brother were all right but needed some remainder. I felt relieved. I wondered how the cow was on the route. After that I found out that the small town was flooded in the past few yearss and the cattles were all released.

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