Life Choices and Consequences Essay

My Grandfather ever said to me “ s3 wo si as3 Ny3 wo d3 a 3h ) sodium wo tafiri” –“Even if you don’t like the gustatory sensation in your oral cavity that is where you will ever lick” The diverseness of life impinges on us to do a pick in every individual determination. Whatever you have done in your life and whatever you will make is simple a package of picks you have made or will do. And every individual one of these picks serves as a foundation for another pick. But the more absorbing thing about picks is that every individual one of our picks reduces the chance of options that are readily available to us.

And this is highly of import because the surprising figure of us do non realized that all that we are and everything we have are the consequences of picks. We are in control of our picks and therefore our life’s way and fate. Our picks and our life go manus in manus. the life you are populating is merely a cumulative series of picks you have made. We have gotten used to doing picks that we barely think of it as the agencies that unfolds our life before our eyes. Choices are about giving and defying. They are about contemplations and impulsiveness.

They are about the present and future and it is a yes and no matter and a now ulterior concern but whatever it is the Torahs of life demands that we make one in every circumstance in other to populate. But every individual pick we make comes along with a shadow. This shadow is by and large referred as effect. It is really easy in the pick doing determination to raise our best planning accomplishments to voyage the labyrinth of options that covers the way to wherever we want to travel and whatever we want to accomplish. However. we barely make commissariats for covering with the effects of our picks.

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And so effects of our picks have become more or less a concern in society. More frequently than non. the effects of our picks open our eyes to the glister of all the other options we pushed aside. And so we start to believe that the picks we made were hapless 1s. Sometimes we feel like turning back the clock and rewinding the tape in other to do a better pick. Truth is. it does non count how difficult or how severely you want to alter the pick. A pick made is a pick made. The best that you can make about it is to develop a positive attitude about it and confront the effects.

The bottom line is this: regardless of the effects that we are traveling through now. we are all seeking to carry through progressively more out of the picks we made with progressively less resources –whether these resources are money. clip. focal point or energy. The challenge is non that we do non do rational picks. instead. our refusal to concentrate and work hard at the picks we have made. do those options we left behind glister like the blink of an eye stars. Alternatively of invariably looking over your shoulder at the glittering options you left behind. your best stake is to populate positively with your picks and look towards the hereafter.

Looking back agencies you are brooding on the past alternatively of life in the present and being stuck in the yesteryear does non assist you make any better picks in the hereafter. We can all look at our fortunes and point out cases where different picks could hold given us a different manner of life. But it merely sounds easy in words. In action. they are hard. For the surprising bulk of us. when the effects of our picks rear its ugly caput. we respond in a really predictable manner. We turn in the opposite way and seek to outrun it.

The lone job is that. before long the effects catches up with us. And so alternatively of outrunning the effects. we really run into it. maximising our exposure to it. Or like we say. ” Challenges and jobs compound when we ignore them. and we end up being exposed to something longer and or worse than what might hold been. Our best stake is to wait for the effects to come right at us and as it arrives. we must bear down straight into them. By bear downing at the effects of our picks. we run directly through it. which minimizes the sum of negative consequence we experience.

And why non. in life most of the brilliant options are about making the difficult things you know you should make. even when you do non experience like making them. but making every bit early on as possible. Equally long as we live. we are traveling to do a batch of picks. And if we do non desire negative effects. so we have to believe about and measure our picks otherwise than we have been making. It is about giving a batch of premeditation to the effects of the picks we are faced with. And it is about being ready to cover positively with whatever effects that materializes out of the picks we make.


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