Liberation Essay

Liberation: Framework and Perspectives The perspectives, beliefs and ambitions of minorities and activists groups have made strong political impacts since the sass’s in the United States. The civil rights movement during this period inspired people of different ages and race that had felt singled-out to push forth their voice as well as their opinions and ultimately to produce change. Their main purpose was not to create violence, but to instead live in a better society for better living.

What is intriguing about liberation is that people mom together and revolutionize what they feel is right, no matter what the situation is. Doing so brings out ideas that were always thought to be unacceptable. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the liberation movements and framework that have laid the groundwork for people to use in their ‘political fight today. Liberation is defined as being “set free” or “having a release from social stereotyping. ” An individual’s perspective on a certain situation makes it unique, and having these thoughts and beliefs sets them apart from the norm.

Therefore, they then find liberation within themselves. On the other hand, one doesn’t need to feel liberated, but rather learns and studies people with opposing views from society. This can be seen as becoming liberated in knowledge. In a philosophical standpoint, both as seen as a political current and an intellectual tradition, the Roman scholar stated liberation as “the idea of a polity administered with regard to equal rights and equal freedom of speech, and the idea of kingly government which respects most of all the freedom of the government” (“The Meditations”).

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John Locke was first to formulate the term liberalism and argued that each individual has a natural right to life, freedom and property. Furthermore, according to the social contract, these governments mustn’t violate these rights. I believe one must stand for what they believe in and continue to fight for change, change comes when one has the motivation and support from others.

I feel as though liberals are good at pushing their limits and pouring all they have to win battles and ultimately win the war. In the second half the sass’s there were a lot of liberation movements that had been set up. These liberation fronts have exposed the lies of existing organizations and also infiltrated these parties. This had caused the parties which include women’s’ movement, gay rights organizations and the organizations for the advancement of black people to gain tremendous support.

The results of these movements have often times been rather successful, positive and the supports from the left wingers have been significantly helpful towards continuing and perpetuating the ideas and standards from these liberal individuals. In some instance and cases, violence have taken over, however it became essential for change. Take for example the survivors of the Holocaust, many of those who were not of pure German descent ad withstand the pain, abuse and persecution, but ultimately survived. In this day everyone.

These laws are viewed as on the surface as equalize liberation. However, some feel as though liberation is not and cannot be equal for everyone. Liberation for all the different groups like the women’s movement and the gay rights should continue with their recent movements and activities, but with a focus sustaining every single one of these beliefs. The importance in doing is to have society to get used to the ideas and thoughts so that in doesn’t need to be different, ether Just another “normal” thought and to live life as free as possible.

In conclusion, all these liberal fronts that have occurred or are occurring in today’s society have one common goal and that is to make to do whatever it is to be free, going about the enlighten ideas that are different from society. To not only act and respond for change but to sustain these ideas for people that are going through perhaps discrimination and unequal treatments. Reference: “The Internet Classics Archive I The Meditations by Marcus Aurelia’s. ” The Internet Classics Archive I The Meditations by Marcus Aurelia’s. N. P. , n. D. Web. 8 Mar. 2014.


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