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Liam O’Connor January 8th, 2018 My report is on George Washington Carver. Mr. Carver was born on January 5th, 1864 in Diamond, Missouri. Mr. Carver and his family were owned by Susan and Moses Carver.  His father was killed on a nearby farm before he was born. George, his mother and brother James had become victims of a group of kidnappers called the nightriders. Mr. Carver’s mother died before being rescued by a neighbor. George and James were then  returned to Susan and Moses Carver. Carver who was frail and sickly at the time helped Susan tend the garden and the is how his love for agriculture began. Carver was an excellent student, his first school was in Neosho, Kansas. The school was only for African American children. He completed high school in his mid twenties and then applied to Iowa State college. He was denied by Iowa state because of his African American heritage. He applied to Simpson College where he was the second African American to be accepted. Mr Carver began college in 1890 and was there for three years. He won first prize at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, for sketching a rose called the Yucca Gloriosa. Carver reapplied to Iowa State where he was accepted and placed in charge of the greenhouse horticulture department. He achieved his master’s degree in agriculture in 1896. Mr. Carver was well respected by the faculty staff,and students at Iowa State. Carver’s greatest work became known in 1922. He became known as the plant doctor. He started helping others with their ailing vegetation. Mr. Carver wanted to improve soils exhausted by plantings of cotton. His idea was to help poor farmers to grow different crops such as peanuts and sweet potatoes. This would become a great source for the farmers to grow their own food and improve their standard of life. He was known for sending bulletins out to farmers. One of his most famous bulletins contained 105 recipes containing peanuts. He spent many years trying develop and promote many products made from peanuts, but none became commercially successful. Mr. Carver became famous from hundreds of products made from peanuts alone. The most famous of these products are milk, cheese, soap, and grease. Carver was also recognized for his peanut oil massages. He began to treat patients and reported positive results, which made more and more people undergo the treatment. Franklin Delano Roosevelt told Carver, ” I do use peanut oil from time to time and I am sure that it helps.” Carver had a positive effect on society as he helped the poor farmers change their crops from cotton to peanuts. This allowed them to prosperCarver had a positive impact on society as he was a great inventor of products that are still in use today.


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