Letter to Congress Essay

My name is Vanessa. I am a Registered Nurse presently enrolled in the BSN plan at University of Phoenix. I am composing this missive to place a health care measure and discourse its impact on direct service bringing in the public health care puting. The missive besides presents the cons and pros of the measure. in add-on to sum uping the impact of the measure on healthcare coverage and patient attention. The purpose of the missive is to bespeak your support for the measure. The health care measure that needs your support in order to guarantee successful execution and improved health care services bringing is a measure that offers healthcare coverage for illegal immigrants non covered by the Affordable Care Act. The Bill is called Healthcare for All. State Senator Ricardo Lara ( D-33 ) sponsors it. The measure aims to widen health care insurance coverage to people non covered in the ACA Act ( Russ. 2014 ) . The most of import facet of the measure is that it seeks to guarantee that health care is low-cost and accessible to all people in the state. The measure is motivated by the fact that failure to supply coverage will make spreads in service bringing. It requires your support because it targets to take down the rates of uninsured citizens through the enlargement of health care insurance coverage. It is of import to observe that several pros are associated with the measure. Some of the pros of the Act include debut of mechanisms such as authorizations. subsidies and insurance exchanges to illegal immigrants. The scheme assures that illegal immigrants in States such as California will have the same health care insurance programs afforded to citizens of California. Under this measure. illegal immigrants will be given premium cost sharing decreases and subsidies. The mechanisms addition the coverage and affordability of health care insurance. The measure dubbed Healthcare for All will supply coverage to uninsured occupants through the enlargement of the bing Act ( Russ. 2014 ) . Additionally. it will make new healthcare insurance exchanges. which will enable undocumented people to buy coverage.

The aim of the measure is to make a healthy province where everyone can entree low-cost and quality health care coverage. Under the Bill. undocumented people will measure up for Medicaid coverage that has been to the full paid by the province. The measure presents a needed solution that addresses unequal compensation systems and inefficiencies of province health care systems. The measure needs your support because it will offer two options to the undocumented immigrants. The first option is the extension of Medicaid to people. who earn below the poorness degree. The 2nd option is insurance exchange to people who earn above the poorness degree. It will assist in minimising overcrowding in exigency suites. The chief disadvantage of the Act is that it creates new revenue enhancements. peculiarly on citizens. Supplying illegal immigrants in California with health care insurance is an expensive venture because it will coerce citizens to pay more revenue enhancements in order to turn to the health care needs of illegal immigrants ( Russ. 2014 ) . Based on these findings. I request your support for the measure. It is clear that the pros of the measure will better health care service bringing in a holistic mode without the demand to know apart against the illegal immigrants. Supporting the measure shows your components and public that you seek to better the health care sector and service bringing. The chief impact of the measure is the decrease of the figure of uninsured people. Your support is needed in order for Congress to prosecute solutions to practical jobs that 1000000s of Americans face. Thank you for your clip. Sincerely

Mentions Jonas. S. . Goldsteen. R. L. . Goldsteen. K. . & A ; Jonas. S. ( 2013 ) . Jonas’ debut to the U. S. wellness attention system. New York: Springer Pub. Co. Russ. K. ( 2014 ) . California Senator Offers Controversial Bill To Cover Healthcare Costs For Illegal Immigrants Not Covered By ACA. Justice Foundation in Defense of Veterans. Los Angeles.

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