Lesson Plan Ece Essay

ECE 2 LESSON PLAN Teaching Date_________ Group#__ Period___ Name ……. Assigned Domain: math Theme: Down On the Farm Title of activity : Farm fun ! Curriculum Sources/Pages http://www. preschool-plan-it. com/farm-theme. html__________________________________________________________ 5 *************** Goal: (use Sunshine State Standards) Objectives: what will the children learn/do -They will learn how to Identify the animals that the kids see -They will learn all of the different kinds of animals on the farm – count all of the animals

Age-Appropriate_____ Fits Theme______ Fits Subject Area_____ 20 *************** Materials Needed: be specific, including amounts – 1 #9 worksheet per child. -cutouts of animals – construction paper -scissors -glue 5 *************** Pre-Teaching Preparations: things to do ahead of time during planning rotation -Gather all of the construction paper -See how many kids are in the class -Print # 9 worksheet -make sure directions are presice Set-Up Needed: just before teaching -gather materials *************** Sketch, Summary, Sample, Lyrics, etc. : -Child does # 9 worksheet then colors the number nine. After that we assist them in cutting the number nine and gluing it to their paper. Then they will draw nine of their favorite farm animals. 5 *************** Introduction: how to gain children’s attention (you may want to use this to lead into your “lesson”) – I will ask them different questions like…. -What is your favorite farm animal? – What animal did you draw ? -Do you have any of these animals at home ?. ETC 5 ************** Subject Area Lesson: Write out EXACTLY what you will say when presenting your subject 20 area lesson. – First I will come in the classroom and ask the kids their favorite farm animal. Then I will present them with the worksheet and go over the exact directions and make sure each child understands them. “Hey kids! Whats your favorite farm animal ? “… ( wait on responses) then get them started *************** Procedures: List each action, step-by-step, that is to be done to complete the activity -Set out the worksheets and complete them cut the number nine and color -glue to construction paper -draw nine of your favorite animal. 20 *************** Vocabulary Words to Include: give short simple definition for each term -Chicken-omnivores that lives for five to ten years – Omnivore- eats both meat and veggies -herbivore- eats veggies -Carnivore- only eats meat 5 ************** Closure: What will you do to review what was learned? WRITE QUESTIONS -Which animal was your favorite.? -review animal pictures -review shape pictures 5 ***************

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Transition to the Next Activity: explanation of what you want them to do -Sit quietly as it is a table activity until the flashcards when we go to the rug. 3 *************** Possible Modifications: How can you change your activity to fit individual needs? -Give them hints – Make sure everyone can understand the pictures and assignments and maybe help draw 2 ************** WILL BE ON A SEPARATE ASSIGNMENT Evaluation: How did the activity go? What made it satisfying to teach? What could be done to improve it? EXPLAIN (to be done AFTER completing project)


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