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Lescard Augustine

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Aug 2004–July 2007, Temple University, Philadelphia PA

·         Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry.

·         Major academic courses highlights: Biochemistry I and II; Biochemistry Research techniques; Molecular Biology; Techniques of Chemical Measurements.

·         Cell Structure and Functions; Genetics; Physics I and II; Calculus I, II and III; Virology; Organic Chemistry I and II; Physical Chemistry and Physical Biochemistry.

Aug 2000–May 2003, H. L. Stoutt Community College, Tortola (British Virgin Islands)

·          Associates Degree in Natural Science.

Sept 1995–June 2000, Tortola, British Virgin Islands High

·          High school diploma.

Dec 2003–Feb 2004, DHL, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Data entry assistant

·         Entering the daily details of incoming and outgoing packages into the system database.

Mar 2004–July 2004 and June 2005- August 2005, Nanny Cay Marina, The Chandlery,

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Sales clerk

·         Sell products, assist in the packaging and balance the end of the day reports.

June 2006—Aug 2006, Internal Audit Unit, Tortola British Virgin Islands
Internal Audit Unit Assistant

·         Entering data into the server and checking previous records for errors.


·         2000-2003, Full Government Scholarship to attend the H.L .Stoutt Community College.


Computer Skills:

·         Proficient in Microsoft Excell, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Experimental Skills:

·         NMR, GC, Electrophoresis (SDS PAGE), Atomic Absorption/Emission.

Personal Interests:

Playing Basketball, tutoring (in chemistry and mathematics) and Writing Prose’s.


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