Legislated Safeguards Essay

                                               Legislated Safeguards

In our world today, it remains a fact that men differ from each other. With the growth of globalization, America is fast becoming a pollinated nation where people come to find a better means of living. We come from different cultures, race, have different religious and moral perspective and also hold different opinions. Apart from this, the existence of civil liberty and freedom has made room for a variance in the outlook and believes of people. Thus to say that people differ from each other is not an aberration because the very nature of man give room for this as no two persons can totally believe in the same things.

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Consequently, this diversity is evident in our workplace. To conceive of a company or an establishment where all the workers share the same opinions about everything is to believe in the existence of a myth. People that have different views and opinions necessarily have to work together in the same company or establishment. The issue here is that if not handle properly, we managers and coworkers might harass or discriminate against each other in their daily endeavors. Thus, in order to maintain and professionally healthy and productive working environment in the workplace, managers and coworkers necessarily must strive to develop their diversity skills and diversity consciousness. This is not what they are optional rather, it is what is required of them.

In the US law, there are some legislated safeguards that are put in place in order to curb and eradicate harassment and discrimination in the workplace. For the effectiveness and maintain a professionally healthy environment, managers and coworkers alike must know and adhere to these legislated safeguards. Some of these safeguards are enumerated below.

There is the Equality Act that holds that no body should be discriminated on the basis of culture, race, moral standing, and moral believe and any related issue that does not go against the constitution.  The manager must that there are laws that regulate issues on how you can hire, layoff, promote, give raises to workers, health benefits, vacations, time off and other conditions of employment that might involve partiality on the part of the manager. Apart from this, there are legislated laws that prohibit discrimination against gay workers and smokers. In addition to this, workers should not crack jokes that point towards racial stereotypes or that directly or indirectly shows racial discrimination.

Furthermore, there are legislated safeguards about intimidation of fellow workers or illicit threats, unacceptable physical contacts and remarks. Managers and workers are not expected to display discriminatory pictures are art works in the work place or send racially or sexist mails to other workers. The manager is not expected to question his workers on their personal sexual life or preferences.  Apart from this, sending notes or letters or displaying pictures that are sexually intimidating to other fellow workers is also illegal.

In summary, in the development of diversity skills and diversity consciousness, the manager and workers alike must understand that some things that they can do in their private places can not be done in the workplace. This is because they are not the only ones that are working in such places and other people have a right to hold their personal options and opinions.


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