Legal Technology Essay

Legal Technology

The confidentially of any information of client and its case status are one of the primary ethical obligations of practicing lawyer. And with the fast growth of technology now days which continuously affecting a lot of industries including the service provided by the law firms, it interfere directly if not indirectly affecting this code of ethic on confidentiality.

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Paralegal are known to be a person who is directly working with the license lawyer. He or she is rendering assistance and retained under the employment and supervision of a lawyer. Paralegal must attained requirements of education, training and experiences in legal works to practice such profession. Its obligation are to work directly and solely for the lawyer assistance.

With the statistic provided by International Paralegal Management Association 2005 surveys, shows the increasing numbers of paralegal people that depends on the use of technologies.

Technology Most Often Used by Paralegals In Survey by the International Paralegal Management Association (IPMA), the most frequently used programs as reported by responded were:


Microsoft Word                                                  99%

Document management programs                      83%

General Internet research                                    74%

Spreadsheets                                                       57%

Databases                                                            57%

Billing applications                                             53%


Litigation support                                               75%

Electronic court filing                                         42%

Online docket programs                                      33%

Trial presentation                                                25%

Exhibit 1.1 IPMA survey result

Source: 2005 Utilization Survey IPMA

Technology in Law Office p.3

Paralegal should now be in needed of another resources in able to compete the circulation. This could only mean that the demand for additional people such as the help of IT or computer literate people with advance knowledge to work with technologies and its system.

In legal world, the more people involved in data processing and safekeeping would only uncomfortably put the data in exposure and prone to linkage. Moreover, the threat of having your system hacked by cyber pirates are always at present since most of these documents are uploaded using wireless technology.

The developments of our computer technologies are truly a big help for lawyers. It helps speed up the process of lawyers document in much little time and efforts yet, parallel to this, the risk of linkage increases as well.  Nobody can really assure the security confidentiality of client’s documents. If technology provider had developed technologies that secure your file…one thing for sure, they also had the technologies to expose it.



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