Legal secretary Essay


I cannot consider the working style of my friend, a legal secretary who is comfortable in just asking lawyers or officemates in case she does not understand the legal jargon, to be a universal style.  Legal secretaries often handle records such as warrants, summonses, subpoenas, indictments, petitions, legal documents and others. Those who work in the law office, in addition to being able to think and write accurately, must have initiative, administrative ability, judgement and deep sense of responsibility (DeVries, 1992,  page 1).  If one uses her time asking around just on terminologies, it uses up precious time that can be spent on other responsibilities.

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            Medical staff inevitably deals with the medical records.  The medical record is a written tool of communication used by members of medical and allied health professionals in the efficient management of patients. Accuracy is very important.

Understanding the medical terminologies helps in the efficiency of the one recording it.  Studying medical terminologies is like studying a second language.  For instance, as diseases were recognized, they had to be named and described in terms which were very different from ordinary daily language (Layman, 2006, p.5).  One has to have knowledge on the so-called building blocks of the terminologies, the prefixes, the suffixes and the root words, to be able to efficiently decipher the meaning of the terms.  To illustrate, appendicitis and appendectomy have the same word root but different suffixes.  The former is an inflammation while the later is an operational procedure.

            In the health organization, professionals work as a team and one way of working as a team is by relying on important medical documents for the care of the patients.  Aside from the goal of efficiency of communication, a medical staff also cannot afford errors because they are dealing with people’s lives.  These are the reasons why I devote time studying the medical terminologies.


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