Legacy role Essay


            Education is very important in our lives. Parents often term it as a treasure that no one can ever steal (unless someone permits that). Indeed, people succeed in life through their education. If we will analyze career situations, people who become so successful in life, with good health and wealth, are degree holders who persevere to use their careers to its best purposes. As a student, I strongly believe that we should be given enough courses that will really enhance our mental skills hence preparing us to different life situations in the future. General education, or courses taken by any student by choice are important because apart from our major subjects, they can really enrich our knowledge say for example about health or math.

            Health courses are necessary for everyone given that health is also at stake during the workdays. The basic information may help them avoid such activities that would sacrifice their good health. Since there are many students now are aspiring to become nurses or therapeutic agents, health is said to be affecting the percentage of careers here. It was ranked the second prevalent industry that gives jobs for many degree holders: food companies, clinics and hospitals. Health courses can actually help me predict the effects of my activities with the effect of the environment and society around me.

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            On the other hand, non – health science courses are also taken by students in order to yield information of how chemicals are affecting the systems of the body. Biochemistry and chemistry itself are helpful in our everyday lives that we may be able to know how they relate to metabolism and diseases. Moreover, the knowledge that we get from these non – health science courses can give us the idea of how we are affecting the things around us, say the ecosystem and the biodiversity issues. These courses also take the account of the society: how they are formed and what makes them working. Education is important, yes! But it will only reach its importance until the time students will realize its worth.


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