Left handed Essay

            The left-handed people make up about an approximated 13% of the population (“Left Handed Statistics”). Statistics also show that left-handed people are prone to suffer from diseases such as schizophrenia, alcoholism, dyslexia, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, also mental disabilities, according to Onion. Not only are the aforementioned the negative findings regarding being a left-handed, but most left-handed people are facing difficulties with the technical positions of certain objects that were meant to be used by right handed people.

            When dealing with objects of daily use, like wearing a wristwatch and adjusting time on it, writing with an ink pen and then smudging their handwriting, using a mouse and a computer keyboard, utensils and their arrangement, remote controls, the manual stick in an automobile, a peeler, ruler, scissors, opening notebooks, books and CD cases; these are just a few examples of how left-handed people have to adapt to living in a world where majority are right-handed (“Left Handed”).

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            It is not just these everyday tools that left-handed people are having difficulty adjusting to, but they also have a hard time doing some sports and playing musical instruments, also studying in school desks designed having a right desk (“Left-Handers School”).

            Not only are the left-handed children the ones difficulties, but the adults as well. We may think that since the children are adjusting and the adults have already adjusted, life for them is a breeze already. But left handed surgeons are the last to think so. Surgical procedures, their mentors and their equipment seem to be designed for right-handed people, thus, they would want that changed (Dobson).

            Thirteen percent when compared to the latter 87% seem to be such a small number. But we tend to forget how hard it is to be like them, if we empathize with them and put ourselves in their shoes, we may understand, and want a couple of things designed for us also.

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