Leaving home Essay

Leaving home is like outgrowing old, comfortable clothes for new ones that you hope would replace the old ones. It is leaving behind a familiar home life and facing a new one that is untested, full of uncertainties and unfamiliar. It is a disorienting experience but necessary to growing up so everyone goes through it like a rite of passage in life. Leaving home is especially harder for those who come from close-knit families and who have deeply-rooted relationships with their brothers, sisters, pets, and friends in the neighborhood. Having a family around reassures the person that in spite the harsh world out there, the unfriendly peers or the tough challenges, there is always home to go to at the end of the day. Your parents are in-charge with a lot of your needs from financial needs to making crucial decisions to preparing breakfast so you need not to worry about things. It is different when you go out and try to live by yourself. You miss the old more laidback life and you find out that the things you took for granted like household chores and paying the bills become difficult responsibilities to fulfill.

            Most adults return home for a brief period every now and then after they have moved out mainly because they want to feel that same reassurance they felt when they were yet young and dependent: that they could always count on their parents for support and unconditional acceptance. This happens especially when they encounter problems that are too heavy too bear by themselves and they need a confidence boost that things are going to be all right even without their parents’ help. At other times, these adults simply miss their parents and home.

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            When I moved out of my parents’ home, the most difficult part had been to get used to the unfamiliar surroundings and the absence of my parents and siblings. I had to undergo an adjustment phase which I believe the family I left behind at home also had to bear. We coped through frequent phone calls the first few weeks. After a while, we became used to the new life and slipped into new habits.


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