Leave Kids Alone on the Web Essay

Leave Kids Alone on the Web

            One of the activities that young children spend their time on nowadays is surfing the Internet. They spend countless of hours playing games, creating personal webpages, blogging, or chatting with friends, or even strangers they meet online. They consider the Internet as their private world, away from their parents, where they can do almost everything at the touch of their fingertips. The article mainly states that every child needs their privacy because without it, they would not be able to know who they really are. The second idea of the article involves the decision of whether to allow these children to have their privacy or not, especially when it comes to their activities on the Internet.

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With all the negative things that are happening in society today, it is only proper that parents know exactly where their children are and what activities are involving themselves in. “Parents in particular seem to think that it is always a good thing to know everything about what their kids think and what they do” (Thompson, 2006). Personally, I agree with the author that kids need their privacy and that parents need to monitor their children’s online activities but only to a certain extent.

            Every individual, not only kids, need their privacy. Young children, especially teenagers, are curious about everything in their environment. This is the time when they are willing to try anything for the sake of experiencing it or pleasing their friends. Every move these young people make are being watched by adults, which is why they like the idea of having a private world where they can do things freely without the supervision of their parents. This privacy will serve as a place where they can learn about themselves including their capabilities and weaknesses. Without this privacy, they would not be able to make mistakes and learn.

            The author states that parents need to be vigilant when it comes to their children’s online activities. Still, adults need to do this but they have to make sure that they still respect their children’s privacy. They have to teach their kids about using the Internet safely and make them aware of the different kinds of people who can take advantage of them and the personal information they send out to the online world. Parents are not always with their kids to know every little thing that they do but if they constantly educate and advise their children about the dangers of Internet, mistakes, which can lead to negative situations, can be avoided greatly.

            The article is correct in pointing out that kids should be left alone because they deserve and need their privacies. The problem is that parents can not help but worry with regard to their children’s safety. They need to draw the line with prying and know when to stop asking and snooping around. On the other hand, young people should be responsible enough to limit the information they post on the Internet. Simple things such as their names, age, and location are enough for someone who have criminal intentions to haunt and hurt them. While it can be argued that times have changed compare to today’s situation, parents still need to understand children need their privacy in order to fully develop and experience life. It is not enough that they read things from books, watch them on television, or hear it from someone else. Experience is the key to growing, and parents need to give this to their children no matter how dangerous the world has become.


Thompson, M. (2006, September 14). Leave Kids Alone on the Web. Newsweek.



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