Learning Strategies Essay

Learning Strategies


The instructional theory in education is the theory and the practice of design, management, and evaluation of the process, developing and utilizing the learning resources. The definition according to Association for Education Communications and Technology (AECT), the instructional technology is referred to as part of the educational technology and the instructional technology mostly covers the process and the systems by which learning and instructional theories are used in developing the human capability.

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The principles of active learning and the principles of exploratory learning are used to in carrying out the instructional technology.

Active learning principles

The active learning principles are combination of several instructional models the merely focus on the various responsibilities of the learners and their learning. These principles were popularized by Bonwell and Eison in 1991. These types of principles could b used by the course designer in improving an effective course outline that would fit the effective learning for the learners. They would also help in understanding what would be beneficial to the learners in their learning by outlining the best strategy that would be effective to a given group of learners. (George, 1992)

Exploratory learning principles

Exploratory learning principles, also referred to as discovery learning is a method by which instructions are enquiry based. This method is based on and considered as constructivist approach to the learning and teaching. This system is supported by psychologist though there are some doubts concerning its efficacy.

The exploration method is commonly used in problem solving whereby the learners explore their experience and former knowledge to interact with the environment, exploring the controversies and tackling the questions and experimenting.

The course designer can use this principles in determining what would the most effective method and technique of problem solving. The learners have to portray the best method they are aware of to enable the designer understand the most effective strategy to be used in a given problem. (George, 1992)


George, L. (1992) Hypertext: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP.



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