Learning Contract Essay

Learning Contract

The high contribution of coal in carbon dioxide emissions is forcing various governments to take the necessary control measures. Authorities in New South Wales have embarked on an ambitious plan of championing for use of Clean Coal Technology in reducing CO2 emissions in the region. Though the decision was made by one party, various stakeholders in the industry would be affected significantly. These stakeholders include governments authorities tasked with the responsibility of securing healthy environment; power plants employees, suppliers and shareholders who derive survival earnings from therein; local community that derives business from power plants’ presence but need cleaner environment; and electricity customers scattered throughout the country. Seeing that interests of these stakeholders are considered would involve help in overseeing cooperating over global warming issue, which is already affecting the way human kind lives. All the stakeholders have one goal in common—to reduce carbon dioxide emissions with little effect in livelihoods. As the leader in this arrangement, the government should consider encouraging rests of stakeholders to be more involved. Only then would faster and more lasting results would be achieved.

The upcoming policy position paper shall address on the plight of electricity customers. This stakeholder group is especially concerned with the price of power, which is set to rise by over 50 percent should the program succeed. Consumers pains of paying dearly for electricity as a result of the program are compounded by fact competing renewable energy source could be cheaper than the preferred CCT. Though the decision in favor of CCT has already been made, senior stakeholders should, on behalf of consumers consider possible savings and lower tariffs should renewable sources be incorporated in alternative energy sources (Demirbas 2005). Consumers should on their part embark on developing private measures that would have a positive impact on the reducing emissions. By taking first steps in the fight against emissions, the government of NSW is setting the ball rolling for other regions. NSW success on this front would thus encourage rest of the country to follow suit, whereas failure would result to other areas developing cold feet. This calls for NSW government to embark on utilizing best practices in all matters relating to the new energy policy.

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Just like other stakeholders, electricity consumers are also willing to pay a little higher price for cleaner environment, but only when all options are considered. The current policy position of preferring one solution over the others, which have not been considered, is not favorable to this stakeholder group. However, it is not too late to incorporate other energy sources in the attempt of reducing the possible rise in energy prices. This is in understanding that there is no single energy source that can be used to address CO2 issues completely—a mix of solutions has to be made. The NSW government should therefore embark on developing a mechanism of understanding how other solutions can be used. In addition, this stakeholder group (consumers) is heavily disadvantaged, considering they are hardly consulted when decisions are made. This is unfortunate considering that these individuals are the ones worst affected by the resulting decisions. Incorporating consumers’ interest in the decision making process would therefore be beneficial to more people. As important stakeholders in this issue, energy consumers, which basically means every Australian household and business interests should be considered by providing the necessary incentives. Otherwise, dictating on what needs to be done will only lead to increase in complaints.


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