Learner Activities Essay


Where children find a learning activity particularly difficult, it can make a great deal of difference to their effort and motivation if tasks can be tailored to their interests. It must be kept in mind that learner satisfaction can impact on the learning process, so these issues should be considered in designing learner activities. One particular characteristic of a great learner activity is that it exposes the students to the major ways that the subject matter is presented and utilized in the real-world. Especially for such a subject as mathematics, the students should be able to see that it the topics are indeed useful for everyday life. Another feature of a great math learner activity is that it provides opportunities to link the “world of quantity” with the “world of counting numbers” and the “world of formal symbols”. Further, it provides visual and spatial analogs of number representations that students can actively explore in a hands-on fashion. Furthermore, a great learner activity affectively engages and captures the students’ imagination so knowledge constructed is embedded not only in their mind, but also in their hopes, fears and passions.

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Moreover, a learner activity to be classified as great provides opportunities for students to acquire computational efficiency as well as conceptual understanding. Lastly, the activity encourages or requires the usage of metacognitive processes such as problem-solving, communication and reasoning that will facilitate knowledge construction. Many Internet websites are now present that helps instructors in their goal to teach their students mathematics, and almost all of them stated that essential learning activities include understanding the relationship between concepts and periodic reviews, as well as constant practice through attempting exercises. This will ensure that the understanding of the concepts taught to the students will be retained and will broaden beyond the concept itself (Wegener, 2006). The experienced teacher will employ these learning activities wisely and economically.

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