Language as a Business Requirement Essay

From: Date: Subject: Language as a Business Requirement Historically, educators have argued about the wide variety of courses students must take in college, guiding them towards becoming a well-rounded graduate. A very common argument between educators has been whether or not a student should be required to taken foreign language courses during their four years at a college or university to attain a bachelor’s degree. Diversity Is becoming more widespread throughout our nation and America’s largest companies are gaining more business-related relationships with our foreign nations.

Due to the mobility of communications and globalization throughout businesses, our world is growing closer together. Making it more urgent for students. Especially business students. To be competent in other languages. Currently, I serve In the united States Alarm Force. About a year ago, I was deployed in South America for about three months. I had taken a few basic Spanish classes In high school, and knew Just the basics of this foreign language. Around the same time I was deployed, a group of business students from a United States university were studying abroad around the area I was stationed.

I was astonished that each one of these students were having comfortable conversations with the locals in Peru. I approached the student’s supervisor, and complemented on how fluent each student was when speaking Spanish. The supervisor Informed me that It Is a requirement of their university for business students to take at least three foreign language courses, of the same language. Not only does taking those courses help when studying abroad, but it prepares them for the business world they may very well enter after graduation.

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The united States is the only country that routinely graduates high school dents with a lack of knowledge in a foreign language. Statistically, 52. 7% of Europeans are fluent in both their native language and at least one other language. Sadly, only 9. 3% of Americans are fluent in both their own native language and one other language. These statistics do not give America a bright image in the global society. If businesses want to effectively compete in our competitive global economy, it needs to be a requirement for business students to learn the trends and cultures of a foreign country.

If business students at COMIC are required to take a foreign engage, It will greatly Improve their employment potential. Companies that plan to take their business internationally need employees who are bilingual and/or multilingual. Of course business Is not the only area where several languages are used. Government agencies, engineering, international law, and several other occupations need graduates that can competently communicate with other countries. Employees who are only able to speak their own native language are only able to communicate with Individuals who speak the equivalent language.

An employer 1 OFF and customers. From a purely academic point of view, foreign language courses will create a well-rounded student. Well-rounded students are more likely to get hired at a successful company, which, in turn, gives kudos to the university the graduate attended. A businessperson will undoubtedly multiply their chances for success when they speak more than one language, especially a language other than English. Results from a Louisiana report show that regardless of an individual’s race, sex, origin, or academic level, individuals who know a foreign language outperform those that do not know a second language.

Foreign language speaking students develop stronger cognitive skills, become more creative, and think more divergently, creating much higher test scores. By adding a minimum of two years of foreign language study to business administration and business-related majors at COMIC, students will gain a much broader understanding of diverse workforces and the many customs other countries follow. These students will be able to communicate fluently with a much broader range of individuals because of their COMIC foreign language studies.

For survival in our global community, each nation needs bilingual/multilingual employees. A person fluent in another language will contribute in international diplomacy, promote national security, and successfully engage in international trade, adding to the many reasons of why COMIC has become the successful and powerful university it is today. Thank you kindly for your time. Resources: Rafter, E. A. (1986). Second Language Study and Basic Skills in Louisiana. Baton Rouge: Louisiana Department of Education.

I firmly believe that I included enough facts and reasons about why this addition would make the business program extremely successful. Robert Goodwin has taught at COMIC for twenty-three years, focusing on international business, legal issues in international practice in Washington DC, representing companies that participated in international business. Because of his strong background in international business, Goodwin will most likely take interest in my memo, and possibly agree and/or relate to crucial points I had made.

I created my memo in high hopes that Comic’s business department is always open to suggestions. Although this memo was sent the chairperson, I would have high hopes that my memo would be shared with his colleagues, expanding my intended audience. After reading several other biography belonging to other members of Comic’s business faculty, each member had an astonishing background in the business world and it is likely that each individual old relate to my memo. Because my persuasive memo was short, I was able to include only key points, surprising observations, and a great statistic.

By only including key facts, I could create a memo that would maintain my audience’s attention, keeping him and possibly the rest of the business faculty away from unnecessary facts. Because each member of the business faculty has advanced degrees and a vast amount of professional experience in the business workforce, there was no need to add any additional information. I implemented the facts, data, and statistics of my choosing to revive concrete evidence towards my persuasion. , badly, wanted to include several more facts and data about this idea, but it would be unnecessary considering the knowledge my audience has about international business. Because of my chosen audience, I do not believe Goodwin and the rest of the faculty will view this as impractical. This addition would be none other but to create a more well-rounded business student at COMIC. Comic’s Faculty-practitioners. (n. D. ). Business & Management Faculty. Retrieved February 9, 2014, from http://www. Mums. Du/business/about/faculty. CFML#Robert Goodwin


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