Lab Researching Networking Standards Essay

Part 1: Research Networking Standards Organizations

Gather information about the major networking criterions organisations by traveling on a web surfing hoarded wealth Hunt. Identify of import features of some of the organisations. Part 2: Reflect on Internet and Computer Networking Experiences Reflect on how the assorted networking criterions organisations heighten our experience of the Internet and computing machine networking.

Background / Scenario

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Using web hunt engines like Google. research the non-profit organisations that are responsible for set uping international criterions for the Internet and the development of Internet engineerings.

Required Resources

Device with Internet entree
Part 1: Research Networking Standards Organizations

In Part 1. you will place some of the major criterions organisations and of import features. such as the figure of old ages in being. the size of their rank. the of import historical figures. some of the duties and responsibilities. organisational oversight function. and the location of the organization’s central office. Use a web browser or web sites for assorted organisations to research information about the undermentioned organisations and the people who have been instrumental in keeping them. You can happen replies to the inquiries below by seeking the undermentioned organisational acronyms and footings: ISO. ITU. ICANN. IANA. IEEE. EIA. TIA. ISOC. IAB. IETF. W3C. RFC. and Wi-Fi Alliance.

1. Who is Jonathan B. Postel and what is he known for?


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