Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Sample Essay


To develop an investing recommendation for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and conclude whether they should travel in front with their on traveling enlargement scheme or non.

To accomplish this aim. historical fiscal statements will hold to be analyzed and an appraisal of the future fiscal wellness of the house be made.

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Based on the instance. it is apparent that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opened to the populace with a roar. with its portion monetary values lifting form $ 5. 5 to $ 9. 25 in merely one twenty-four hours. The increases in the value of their portions are applaudable. However. now the issue faced by the company is whether Krispy Creme Doughnuts will be able to prolong this growing. The grosss form all beginnings. company shops. franchises and KKM & A ; D need to be maximized.

Krispy Creme Doughnuts is a relatively immature company and a good potency to turn further. With merely 222 shops by April 2002. it is already a market leader by the figure of ring it sells yearly ; 2 billion as compared with 1. 6 billion of Dunkin Donuts signifier 4736 shops.

Working Capital Required:

As shown in Exhibit 1. Fig 1 the on the job capital required for the past old ages has been $ 29443 in 2001 and $ 49236 in 2002.

The mean rate of Working Capital/Sales Ratio = 11. 12 % . Hence. the jutting values for 2003 and 2004 are $ 33430. 95 and $ 43958. 36

It can be seen that the sum of working capital required can easy be generated from their operations.

Further Analysis:

Looking at the Ratio Analysis. ( Exhibit2. fig 3 )

Looking at the Investment Activity Ratios:

The ROA. ROE is about changeless therefore the directions use its assets good.

P/E Ratio is really high therefore bespeaking the wellness of the company is really good.

The Investment Utilization Ratios have besides been about changeless throughout. The Investings have been utilized good and the company is working under normal operations and is non enduring with any jobs.

The company has high net income borders hence better sustainability.

The fiscal ratios are an indicant of a good fiscal purchase which is once more a mark of efficient operations.

Control of Franchises:

However. at that place seems to be a job with the control of their franchises. It can be seen from exhibit 1. fig 2. that the returns at the franchise shops are less than the returns from the company owned shops ( though it has gone down from 45 % to 26 % ) . the director should examine into why this is go oning. The machines are provided by the company and so is the dough ; so what could be the ground for lower gross revenues?


The Company should travel in front with its tendency of enlargement. The market is receptive and the potency is immense. Bing a immature company they have greater figure of markets to venture into and more thoughts to implement.

With their good operations and policies: – Having a vertically incorporate direction and supplying the fabrication works and the dough. they can maintain a cheque on the quality of their merchandises and hence. have an upper over their competition which is a disconnected market. Besides. they have a bringing system runing under KKM & A ; D which consequences non merely in quality cheques but timely bringing and a beginning of gross every bit good. Selling the machinery through the same company is besides a higher border concern.

However. apart from traveling into farther enlargement. they should seek and examine into the grounds why the gross revenues from the franchise operated shops are below those of the company. They need to hold a right balance between their three beginnings of grosss and cognizing the deductions of each is of import.

Last but non the least. looking at their fiscal statements it can be concluded that to fulfill their pecuniary demands. they can raise the financess through a combination of both. stock offerings every bit good as through debt funding.


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