Knights Tale British Lit Sample Essay

A Knight’s Tale is a narrative about a provincial with the dream of going a knight and jousting. The film is slackly based off of Geoffrey Chaucer’s narrative in The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer used fourteenth century society inside informations that were used in the film. Class construction. function of adult females. and the corruptness that is apparent in the church are similarities seen in the film that are worthy of speaking about.

Class construction was a really strong item that was stressed in Chaucer’s narratives and this item is seen in the film. Peasants like William are the lower category and his dream of being a knight is a category of aristocracy. William’s dream of jousting is something that merely Knight’s can make. With William being a provincial. he can merely watch. William’s alteration was really improbable in Chaucer’s clip. Knights in this clip carried a batch of authorization with their place and provincials have close to none. These points given in the film are supported by Chaucer’s description of the fourteenth century.

Womans were a really outstanding facet of a man’s life during the fourteenth century. The aristocracy held the most beautiful and prized adult females of this clip period. In the film. William meets a lovely adult female named Jocelyn at one of his tourneies. To the other combatants. Jocelyn was seen as a award and an object instead than an existent homo being. At the beginning of the narrative. When William is transitioning to a knight. he tries to happen a blacksmith to mend his armour and none of the work forces would make it. He goes to a adult female and she is decidedly seen as lower than everyone else even though she does the same occupation. These different facets attribute to the portraiture of Chaucer’s narrative in comparing with the film.

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In Chaucer’s clip. the church was really corrupt. His narratives spoke of Priests moving out and making unhallowed things. There were narratives about the priests imbibing. being around adult females all the clip. and even falsely utilizing church money and their power. Jocelyn was being criticized by a priest about her being unhallowed and the priest is have oning rings and gold which truly shows that he is unhallowed by non being a priest of unity and award for God. The Priests were non moving like they “should” be and this was a mark of corruptness in Chaucer’s fourteenth century.


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