Kill a mocking bird Essay

Boo raddled is fictional characters in Harper lees ‘to kill a mocking bird” boo lives in Macomb tense. He is a hermit that never leaves his house; people think he is a monster chained up in his room. But oddly he takes interest in his young newborns, scout and jam Fitch. Boo leaves scout miss. Treasure in a tree in front of his house. Scout soon finds many of these treasures and soon wows her older brother jam Fitch.

He also help scout and jam when they are in serious danger. BOO raddled is a mocking bird because Of his small acts Of kindness, such as protecting, giving and finally not harming them when the trespass in his yard, these small acts for the Fitch kids make boo a prefect mocking bird. Boo raddled is a mocking bird because of his kindness and protection of the Fitch kids. Scout Sass ‘Well it’d be sort of like shooting a mockingbird wouldn’t it?

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Lee 276) at this point she says this because Attic’s Fitch (the kid’s father) is considering to turn boo in. But scout finally realizes boo is a prefect example of a mocking bird. Scout learns boo saved them from the man who tried to kill them bob Lowell. She also comes to find out boo has never meant to hurt her he was just watching over her and her brother. Some may say tom is better mocking birds then boo. ‘”Were you paid for your services?


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