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     Karl Marx is well known as the father of
communism. He and Friedrich Engels are the authors of the Communist Manifesto; the manifesto is one of the world’s most
famous political documents of all time. It was written in 1848, just as the
revolutions began to erupt. The Manifesto mainly presented an approach to the “class
struggle” and the problems with capitalism. But the first chapter, Bourgeois
and Proletarians, actually shows a fair amount of praise for the idea of
capitalism and how capitalism is a major role in the revolutionary force of
social change in Europe.   

     Marx and Engels make a case that the
working class is the revolutionary class because they are the ones wo will
transform society. The Bourgeois had a good working class system. They praise
the capitalism throughout this chapter by how the Bourgeois’ mode of production
has brought citizens together. It brought the civilizations in contact with one
another while trying to rid of the old feudal society. Feudalism was a form of
structuring society based on its relationships and service of labor. It was the
system of the rich kings and peasant slaves that took place between the 9th
and 15th centuries. “It compels all nations, on pain of extinction,
to adopt the bourgeois mode of production; it compels them to introduce what it
calls civilization into their midst” (Communist Manifesto). This quote is a
forerunner of how the communist modes of production is going to take place
rather than the capitalist way. The capitalist tasks that the bourgeoisie were
willing to perform were now going to have to be performed by socialists after their
reform which was believed they would not complete. Capitalism is praised for
the people who were working in the system for they were capable for taking on
their tasks.

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     The growth of capitalism was beginning to overtake
the world and with doing so they had to expand to new markets or destroy the previous
surplus.  In these crisis moments and it
was not voted to destroy the surplus, the ruling bourgeois class recruits
members of the working proletarian class to assist them in the resolution of
their crisis. With arming more workers and giving them opportunity it gave them
a chance to over throw the position and begin a reform.  As capitalism
develops so does the working class grows in proportion to capital. With the
bourgeoisie concentrating ever more power in their hands they gradually push
aside all other classes. With the lack of coherence, the working class is
becoming unaccepting of the system and wants to restore the old way of living
starting with the destruction of the machinery that has taken the jobs of so
many people.

     One thing the countries of the world had
needed was globalization. And that is exactly what Marks and Engels had
described capitalism as. “It has agglomerated population, centralized the means
of production, and has concentrated property in a few hands. The necessary
consequence of this was political centralization. Independent, or but loosely
connected provinces, with separate interests, laws, governments, and systems of
taxation, became lumped together into one nation, with one government, one code
of laws, one national class-interest, one frontier, and one customs-tariff.” (Communist
Manifesto).  The capitalism had brought
the nations into contact with one another, Marx praises this because that is
basically the definition of globalization. Businesses, large or small, are
united into a single market exchange.

     European Feudalism was destroyed itself
and disappeared in most of Western Europe by the 1500s. Marx had labeled the
time period of feudalism as the “pre-history to capitalism” and it started the
foundations and developments of the mercantilism which had been a precursor to
the capitalism reform that was coming. In the Medieval area, strong countries
such as England were a land based economy. Where the larger the land you owed
is what made you wealthy. The start up of the capitalism economy had brought a
new form of trade options which brought them to them to a money based economy.

     Although there are some reasons shown
about how Marx and Engels appreciated and praised the system of capitalism, they
knew that critical failings and would eventually downfall because of the
failure of the feudal system and they saw the similarities coming from that. In
the social change of European Feudalism there were three main forms of
capitalism that had effected the change into a capitalistic era. The first was agrarian
capitalism which was also known as market feudalism. This was the transitional system
that took some of, not all, of feudal relations and replaced them with market
relations. The second was mercantilism. This is where the governments would see
to maintain the positive balance of trade by all participants and acquire gold
and currency instead of lands and labor. Lastly, there was the Industrial
Capitalism. This came in later years and had really put an end to the feudal system
with the fact that they had begun to use machines and inventions which created
a much different division of labor. Labor was the one of the biggest known
source of income and having replacing machines to make jobs more efficient had
struck hard into a cardinal part of feudalism. 

     Marx and Engels write about how the world
is in need of a socialist or communist system but they do not overlook the fact
of how important capitalism was and is to the world. They say that even though
they believe it is doomed to fail that it needed to happen to progress. They recognize
the Bourgeoisie working class system which represents capitalism and praise how
it was able to sweep away the feudalist eras.  They knew that the world and the people could
not go from European Feudalism straight into communist system. There is a
needed middle ground that for and they recognize that as capitalism. The
Communist Manifesto shows how there was needed steps to lead them to communism
and capitalism was right in the middle. 


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