?JSBMHA and HIPAA Case Study Essay

Harmonizing to the Torahs refering HIPAA where it pertains to functioning and protecting patients’ rights, HIPAA is put into topographic point to protect patient rights by non leting any medical professional to discourse a patients forecast, symptoms or any other particulars sing their attention with another person non straight involved with their instance. Because of this, a patient’s individuality and confidential information is kept that manner. Misdemeanors are punishable by jurisprudence. HIPAA abstains an inordinate influence continuously for the rights of patients’ , every country concerned with the JSBMHA was affected the two employees. Their conversation unwittingly had an impact on the patients, every bit good as put their bureau in a hard state of affairs. The result of their conversation could hold caused the grandma of the three kids to inform others about the deficiency of confidentiality that the employee’s shows inside a public forum which could hold the bureau look upon negatively. Other persons that trades with this bureau could go cognizant and made to experience uncomfortable about giving up any information.

From the outside looking in Ti would look as if any information received by the JSBMHA is at hazard of non being to the full secured, at that point trust between the two parties has been compromised. The actions that should be taken should be to suspend the two persons, their actions were a direct misdemeanor of the codification of moralss. They need to cognize and understand that they have placed the bureau in a serious quandary every bit good as lost the trust of one and perchance more patients and their households. Equally far as Jim goes he should’ve known better seeing that he’s been with the company much longer so Betty, it was is his duty to inform her that there are certain conversation that are to be left inside the office and that this one was non one to hold in public. Furthermore because Jim is a “seasoned vet” in societal work after 20 old ages he should cognize the codification of moralss front to endorse so he should be suspended indefinitely without wage. Jim should hold been more of a wise man to Betty alternatively of a gossipmongering friend.

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