Joshua Childress Essay

Dietz, Tracy L. “An Examination of Violence and Gender Role Portrayals in Video Games: Implications for Gender Socialization and Aggressive Behavior. ” SpringerLink. Springer Science+Business Media, 1998. Web. 13 Nov. 2012. <http://www. springerlink. com/content/r326135512365r40/>. This article will talk about how media has had a stereotypical input on life and how women and men are depicted. . The media has been a catalyst for showing people how gender roles should be portrayed. Its shows that women should be feminine and men should be masculine.

The fact that video games are giving off a negative portrayal of women and this has affected the expectations of gender among the young people of the world. This keeps the expectation that women should be victims in games and are needy. However, they portray that men should always be the heroes and the savers. The interaction with others and the media can change how girls and boys develop themselves. Children can distinguish gender roles on the things they learn everyday. When children act like doctors, teachers, mothers, and fathers they associate gender. Gender advertisement also plays a role in this.

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Because of recent advancement in technology people can know what their child is going to be before he or she is born. If it is a boy the things that people buy will be more masculine and rough. If it is a girl the things that a parent would buy would be more feminine. The rooms would be different colors and the toys would portray different things. Mass media continues to portray men and women by institutions and socialization agents. The portrayal of women and men can be stereotypical. Men are usually personified as the ones that work the jobs that require strength and hard work.

Most men are classified as either the good guy or the bad guy. Therefore, they are always known as the aggressor. Women are stereotyped by using the beauty and sexuality. This most times the focus on their physical attractiveness. The media show the difference in gender roles in the house. Most times when advertisements are shown on television there is a difference in what women advertise and what men advertise. Men are usually advertising things that men like such as cars, lawn mowers, and motor things. Women are usually known for advertising baby things and household supplies.

When a person sees a women or man selling something out of their character people usually make jokes about it. Even in others types of media like books or articles women still are doing the same things. Women for years have been said to do things that help them use their beauty to get men. Magazine still have women in the kitchen performing the traditional roles of a women. Researchers believe that people that watch more television than others usually let it have a bigger effect of what they see as gender roles. Most children usually take what they see from characters in movies and shows as the gender roles that a person should portray.

Because women are not portrayed as professional, but as sex objects and house wives they don’t have as many role models to look up to as young men. It has been shown that men actually outnumber women three to one on television and movies combined. They don’t really give women the credit they deserve by pretending they are limited in abilities and interest. Another thing with the media is that is has a lot of violence. With the amount of violence going on television it is not uncommon for a teen to have seen an incredibly large amount of deaths in the media.

It is also common for a young child to see over one thousand commercials with to war toys and cartoons about wars. It has been researched that kids that have a tendency to watch more violence are more like to perform violent behavior. There are a high percentage of kids that watch violent things and do violent things. It has gotten to the point in which male dominance has become a problem from what children see on the television. It is like American television is showing a lot of examples of sexual aggression. Therefore, more men are starting to laugh at it and not see it as a serious problem.

Putting women in the position of where men think they should accept sexual abuse. Video games have been a big attribute in the attitude of kids. When dealing with a very young child between the ages of 4 and 6 a violent can make them portray signs of violence when playing freely among their friends. In some cases parents can control the things that their children look at on television. Over time video games have become more frequently sold in the United States. They are getting cheaper and easier to obtain. Now, you have more girls playing the games that come out.

Therefore, there are more girls portrayed in the video games than there were in the past. When doing the research for the paper they made sure they used the most popular games in the nation. The data was collected on each game by researchers using a number of topic or certain specific things that they were looking for. Most of the things they were looking for were to see how women were portrayed in the games that were chosen. And they were trying to see if women would be in the games at all. Using the things they wanted documented they wanted to see how women were depicted or if the game use humans or animals.

From what they found in their research it showed that women were portrayed as heroes a short percentage of the time. They were also stereotypical in the games by having the girls where feminine clothing. Some games did not have women characters at all. The second most common thing of women in the research was them as victims or the damsel in distress. The women were portrayed like a small percentage of the time. There were some games that were just violent. Most of the games were less likely to use humans, but use animals. The games consisted of a lot of fighting and shooting.

The overall discussion was that the majority of the games did not use women at all. It showed that games just like other types of research gave women a lack of credit and used them mostly as sex objects. They too would not use women as a positive role model for young women that played the game. Still males characters were not only heroes, also classified as the aggressor and just mean. Women in the games always have to take the back seat to men even when they are portrayed as heroes. This keeps kids thinking that men are always above women when they are playing these games.


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