John Steinbeck’s “The pearl” Essay

John Steinbeck’s The Pearl is a narrative of a hapless Indian household who stumbles upon the greatest pearl in the universe. Headed by a adult male named Kino and his back uping married woman Juana. they both are determined to populate a affluent life no affair what the cost. Although the narrative is fictional. it is based on the unpleasant truths of life as we know it. Steinbeck reveals an array of sarcasm like no other: Get downing with Kino happening the pearl of the universe. the pearl purchasers non to purchase the brilliant pearl. and stoping with the immorality that the pearl brought upon the characters.

Kino and Juana woke on a glooming forenoon after a tragic accident where their babe. Coyotito. was slashed by a deathly Scorpio and left to decease. With hope of being able to pay for medicine. Kino and Juana coasted out to sea to rummage around for their award. Thingss were really unsure on this dark and dazed twenty-four hours and their eyes were certain to be playing infinite fast ones on them. Even though Kino was an expert at his trade. drawing an ordinary clam into his canoe and prising it unfastened to happen the furthermost perfect pearl in the universe was an improbably dry factor particularly due to the scruples of Mother Nature. “The great pearl. perfect as the moon” ( 19 ) .

Kino went on a brief ocean trip to sell the pearl to the local pearl purchasers to accomplish his dreams of a better life for him and his household. When he got to the chief portion of town and met up with each pearl purchaser he was shocked to hear that the pearl purchasers were non as greatly awed by the pearl the same manner everyone else was. At first Kino and Juana accepted what the pearl purchasers said and they unhappily realized the shoddiness of their dreams. Kino wanted Juana and him to “be married – in a church” ( 24 ) . Kino wanted a new harpoon and rifle. Kino imagined Coyotito traveling to school to “read and open the books” ( 26 ) . The pearl was the way to his dreams. But alternatively of cherished ownerships and fantastic chance coming from it. it had baneful reactions.

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The pearl brought evil over all the characters of the narrative. They were really wicked in the effort to acquire what they wanted. The physician is portrayed as unsympathetic and heartless. He does non care about the public assistance of anyone but himself. He pretends to bring around Coyotito’s Scorpio bite and attempts to convert Kino that possibly he should give the pearl to him for safe maintaining. The pearl besides overcomes the priest of the church. The priest is non concerned with stand foring God. He was merely craving after “repairs necessary for the church” ( 21 ) . He had the nervus to travel to Kino and Juana in the small town to remind them of the demands of the church and to convert them to hold a nuptials.

Kino is non precisely a premier illustration of a good individual himself. His greed for the pearl drove him to hit Juana and even kill a adult male. Kino did nevertheless larn his lesson at the terminal. It seems that the lone individual that remained pure throughout the whole novel was Juana. She ne’er let the pearl take over her life like it did the other characters. She knew that the pearl was conveying evil to their household wholly along but couldn’t do anything about it. The pearl was perfect on the outside but the interior was manifested with great immorality.

Kino and Juana triumphed past the uncertainnesss of the dark and glooming twenty-four hours to happen the greatest pearl of all time and their dreams were crushed when they discovered that the pearl purchasers weren’t traveling to purchase the pearl from them. The perfect pearl brought evil upon Kino and Juana. As you can see. Steinbeck shows us many dry tests and adversity that are important for contouring Kino and Juana into wiser persons.


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