Jesuit home. If these children decide to

Jesuit Centre for the Faith and In Malta, income
poverty is a very important matter but people do not notice that there really
is poverty in Malta. They tend to deny the fact that some people live in income
poverty because for them, the government is doing a good job. Some Maltese
people do not report that they do not have enough income to buy the basic needs
and they end up suffering more “The problem with the poor in Malta is that very
often they do not have the tenacity to voice their needs or to speak out about
the injustices they suffer” (

It also depends on the type of school
children are attending to. If the school provides poor education because it
does not have the funds to employ good educators, the children will lose
interest in school “The least-experienced, least
classroom-trained teachers are often assigned to the most difficult schools” (Shargel,
F., October, 2013). The school has to be a fun place where children can
show their creativity and play with their friends while they are getting an
education. It can also be an escape for them to forget about the problems they
have at home. If these children decide to leave school and find a job with a
minimum wage, they will probably have the same issues of income poverty when
they have a family of their own.

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Those children who are more likely at risk
of becoming extremely poor are those who live with disabilities and literacy
difficulties. This is because their families do not afford to give them the
education they need. It is also more difficult for them because they are not
independent enough so they need their parents to speak out instead of them.
Most of these parents work so they could have the basic needs and do not have
time to fight for their children. It is the same with jobless or single- parent
households and teenage parents. Those who are jobless are donating their time
to find a job which is difficult if they never got an education due to being
raised in a poor or low- income family.

If these children do not get an education,
they end up working with a minimal wage as an income and income poverty will
repeat itself within generations. It is difficult to end an ongoing cycle like
this because if there is not an education there is no good job with a high pay
income “Educational attainment is an important predictor of a citizen’s future
health, employment and welfare prospects—and it improves their ability to
contribute socially and economically in the community” (Victorian Auditor-
General’s Report, November 2012).  

Poverty can have a great impact
on children’s education. When children do not have any support from home, they
tend to give up on education and sometimes they do not even try. Those who live
in extreme poverty, do not have any chance of trying to get an education
because as soon as they grow up, they are sent to work “Child labor is pervasive problem in developing countries”, “The
fundamental rights of child as survival, education, protection and development
are grossly violated by child labor. The root cause of child labor is extreme
poverty which forces the parents to employ their children for some extra money
for daily living” (International Journal of Health Sciences (Qassim), July 2011). A research has found that when the parents are highly
educational and have high income, the more their children will be creative in
their education. On the other hand, those parents that have low income has less
energy and do not have a lot of time to spend with their children to engage
with them and give them support for education. “Parent talkativeness or “sociableness” to their infants accounted
for a correlation between SES and the children’s later linguistic/academic
development” (Leaders Project, March 2013).

or alcohol abuse. Since their families
spend most of their money on their addictions, they do not have the money to
get an education for their children.


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