Jean Piaget Essay

This instance survey is on a immature miss named Debby. She was observed in a at her parent’s place over the last weekend. She is 3 old ages of age. She is the lone kid. and lives with both parents. She has her ain sleeping room. She loves anything Disney princesses. she besides does non like dark colourss. bright colourss are her favourite and she likes the colour pink. She like playing with dolls. playing kitchen. and she told me that her favourite thing was to sit in mummy’s auto.

Debby disfavors playing trucks and boy’s game. she did non hold any job playing with male childs or misss but while observed at a birthday party. she instead plays with misss. than to play with male childs. She besides does non like dark colourss. bright colourss are her favourite. She does travel to speech therapy to work on her words as both parents are actively working professionals. Debby is a really absorbing immature miss. and it was exciting to make a instance survey over her. For a kid of age four. Debby is really active. Debby is mean for her physical development. Debby is physically fit. and enjoys playing with others when. Because she was observed at their at place. some inquiries were directed to her female parent.

Harmonizing to a growing and weight chart. the mean tallness for a 3 twelvemonth old miss is 37 inches. Debby is 38 inches in tallness. and she weighs 36 lbs ( CDC growing chart. ) Debby is a really active kid. She enjoys running about every opportunity that she gets. When playing outside Debby can kick. throw. bounciness. and catch a ball adequately. She is developing her eye-hand coordination. When inquiring her to make these undertakings. Debby is able to run. she can skip on both pess. and she can leap up and down. She needs more clip to acquire jumping down. but she tries her best. Debby is able to dress and discase herself without aid.

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Debby likes the independency of being able to pick out her apparels that she wants to have on. She is really comfy utilizing iPad and some other runing electronics in the house. One of her favourite activities to make is to paint and pull. While painting. she likes to do a muss. because she thinks that it is fun to paint with her custodies. Debby is in the Pre- operational phase cognitively. Pre-operational phase is from ages 2 to 7. and Debby tantrums in this class. because she is 3 old ages old. Cognitively. Debby is in the normal class. because harmonizing to develop mentalists she is developing normal for her age.

Examples are that Debby knows how to compose letters in the alphabet. She knows how to compose her name. she merely does non cognize the right order the letters go in. She is able to number. she is a good hearer. and she is going interested in how to sound out certain words. These are merely a few cognitive abilities. which are normal for 3 twelvemonth olds. As each twelvemonth passes. and as Debby continues to acquire older. cognitively she will go on to come on. Debby’s Language Development is bettering. Debby does go to address therapy. When she talks sometimes you truly have to listen difficult to what she is stating.

When she gets excited about something. she will get down speaking truly fast. and we have to remind her to decelerate down. When she gets disquieted. she will usually get down shouting. so she is encouraged to utilize her words to explicate what is incorrect. Though sometimes. she say something which she means the antonym. Her basic address jobs are Annunciation. and acquiring some sounds confused with one another. For illustration b’s and d’s. Speech has truly helped her. she has merely been traveling for a small over two months. and we can already see a drastic alteration in her words. On occasions. you will happen Debby speaking or discoursing with herself.

Harmonizing to her female parent. she normally does this when she is seeking to calculate something out. I enjoyed watching this taking topographic point. I besides tried to prove her about her memory and remembrance. I asked her about what she does on her birthday because her birthday was the old Sunday. She was able to state me how mummy took her to the park. Her thought ability is really brilliant Cognitively. Debby is s in the normal class for a 3 twelvemonth old. In the Jean Piaget theory. she is in the pre-operational phase. She loves traveling to school and besides like to seek new thing.

She is good behaved and harmonizing to Dendranthema grandifloruom. she ever goes around to recognize both the instructors and pupils likewise whenever she is come ining or go forthing the school. Debby is quickly developing many societal and emotional abilities and accomplishments. Her growing and behaviour reflects the abilities that are expected of her age. Debby is developing quickly and cognitively. she is developing usually. On the issue of Moral development. there are some instances that she knows what is right. She has begun to cognize right from incorrect. She has started to happen other’s sentiments of ego to be of import. Like on Sunday in church after service. their curate came around to state hullo and he greeted he by stating “what’s up work forces?

” but she replied “I’m non a adult male. I’m a girl” everybody at that place merely laugh at the manner she responded. She possesses a batch self-controlling and is less aggressive but sometimes utilizations verbal menaces like “you will be in trouble” or “I will slap you” but to my apprehension. she did non even know the significance of those words. I enjoyed my instance survey on Debby. Through it. I was able to larn many perforating schemes to see and understand if kids are come oning adequately. harmonizing to their age throughout the early phases of their life.

It is important that kids progress consequently so they do non fall behind in school and in life. After making this instance survey I now know what tips and marks to look for when make up one’s minding if a kid is come oning in all facets of life. Debby compared to an norm 3 twelvemonth old is normal. her age and behaviour are good correlated. I am astonied with her memory. I overheard her singing a Nigerian folklore and I asked he to sing it for us once more and she did non lose excessively much from the wordss. Debby is in Piaget Preoperational Stage as she was able to believe about things symbolically and her linguistic communication usage going more mature but her still non wholly logical.

Besides. Debby belongs to the Musculo-Anal in the Erikson’s Stages of Development because she is self-sufficing in many activities. including toileting. she can feed herself. walking. and her speaking is going clearer. I truly enjoyed detecting Debby. it was a great experience and I hope to set it into pattern in my field of survey. Works Cited “Use Of World Health Organization And CDC Growth Charts For Children Aged 0-59 Months In The United States. ” MMWR Recommendations & A ; Reports 59. RR-9 ( 2010 ) : 1-14. Consumer Health Complete – EBSCOhost. Web. 19 Apr. 2014.


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