Jean male British Muslims. Lord Ahmed the

Jean Charles de Menezes was a 27-year-old Brazilian electrician who was
shot dead by officers from the firearms department of the London Metropolitan
police as a result of the 7/7 London attacks when he was mistaken for a
suspected terrorist Hussain Osman. Menezes was followed and shot in the head
seven times and once in the soldier from point blank range. Rules of engagement
meant that armed officers were allowed to shoot and kill suspected bombers
before they had the chance to detonate any explosives. This was just a case of
mistaken identity (, 2018).

the first 5 weeks after the attacks London Metropolitan police recorded a sharp
rise in hate crimes involving faiths in comparison to the same time in 2004.
Incidents that were directed at Muslim communities saw a vast increase almost
immediately after the London attacks. These were directed primarily at male
British Muslims. Lord Ahmed the Muslim labour peer said that many Muslims in
the North of England believed that they could become victims of mistaken
identity by armed police in the event of the accidental shooting of Jean
Charles de Menezes (The
impact of 7 July 2005 London bomb attacks on Muslim communities in the EU,

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terrorist attack that has had a big impact on Britain was the 7/7 bombings in
London in 2005. Four bombs were detonated during the morning rush hour, 3 were
in the underground stations, and one on a bus, there were later four failed
attempts on London transport systems. 52 people were killed as a result of this
terrorist attack. There was a distinct change in reporting in the UK once the
bombers were identified as British Muslims, the focus shifted to wider issues
about the Muslim communities and prevention of any further incidents (The impact of 7 july 2005 London bomb
attacks on muslim communities in the EU, 2006).

2001 there was a terrorist attack from Al-Quada on America. Nineteen militants
hijacked 4 airplanes and carried out suicide attacks against targets across the
United States. 2 planes flew into the twin towers of the world trade centre one
went into the Pentagon in Washington D.C and the other crashed into a field in
Pennsylvania, almost 3,000 people were killed because of these attacks.

is something very hard to define, although the legal definition in section one
of the Terrorism Act 2000 is very sufficient. The Act involves actual or
threatened acts of violence that are carried out against people or property and
are designed to influence the government, intimidate the public or advance
political, religious or ideological causes (Newburn 2011). Wilkinson (2006:328)
suggests that terrorism is easily distinguished from other form of violence. Terrorism
is designed to create fear, it has a wider target than immediate victims,
targets are likely to be random and are often civilians (Innes and Levi 2017).
There are four types of non-state terrorist movements and groups, these groups
include Ethno-nationalist groups such as the ETA group, the ideological group,
single issue groups and the Religion-political group which people believe Isis
and Al-Quada come under (Wilkinson 2006).


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