Janae Celestine Research Paper Essay

The United States has had it share of trials and tribulations dealing with foreign n affairs. In the 19th century the Treaty of Paris was signed, as a result Of this treaty being signed the alliance between America and Great Britain was formed. Other nations should take n Toe that the United States can help them benefit in great ways. Other countries like North Korea a re the countries who chose to isolate themselves for foreign affairs in the public. North Korea chose not join allies the United States. According to BBC. Mom North Korea says it needs uncle AR weapons to fend itself from US “imperialism”. This clearly shows that North Korea isolate sees themselves from the rest of the countries. Another current situation in today’s news is the missing Malaysian Airplane. AH though the united States has nothing to do with the situation by sending aircrafts to help search for the plane Malaysia would see that the United States could be trusted. If the United State s joined allies with Celestial 2 Malaysia it would increase our alliances more, and we would gain not only Ma Alyssa trust but hopefully other countries.

Seeing that the U. S. Greatly can join alliances with d efferent countries is another reason we should be involved in foreign affairs. We’ve seen through the years how sometimes the U. S. Actions have negative outcomes. We can learn from these situations by avoiding conflict and resolving our issue sees the peaceful way. Meaning that we wouldn’t have to risk any of our troops and we can ACTA ally mediate the issue before it gets to the point of facing a war with other countries. Also we would help protect the well being of the citizens in other countries.

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This shows that the U. S. Could benefit tremendously in partaking in foreign affairs. The United States should also get involved with foreign affairs due to modern day slavery. In a documentary about modern day slavery Lisa Kristin talks about how today in this century there is still slavery going on even though slavery is considered illegal throughout the world. She goes on to explain how people are tricked into Slav ere by “false promises” only to find out they are forced to work without pay under harsh co notations.

She travels through different countries being exposed to different type of hard wow ark and labor these people go through everyday with no choice of getting out. In the documentary you see different people facing not only harsh working conditions but health conditions also. T heir are young children that are getting captured into slavery, sex trade, being sold off. Getting Eng involved with something this big would have a major impact on how several countries look at the U. S. And their efforts to join with them to put an end to their citizens nightmares.

Celestial 3 A great reason why the U. S. Should also be involved in foreign affairs is because SE of the common trade we have with other countries. A lot of our food, oil, and other goods come from many countries that we have alliances with. If we were to disassociate ourselves sees with the major countries like Canada, Mexico,and China where we get majority of our goods f room we would lose much of resources for everyday life. Census. Gob states that 67. 26% of oh r imports are goods and natural resources. If the U.

S. Didn’t participate in foreign affairs this mean s that our economy could easily fall and the unemployment rate would increase as time went on. Another issue the U. S. Should contribute to is the Syrian civil war and their dick attar style government. The conflict has been going on for three years in Syria and if the united States were o help this can put an ease to all the horrible events that have been taking Pl ace in this country. Syria has been greatly divided due to end of President Sad’s ruling.

The con flirt has grown so large to the point where over 1 00,000 people have been killed. According to b BC. Com more than 2. 5 million people have fled Syria due to the conflict their country is facing. NV loving the U. S. In helping Syria build its government back up and helping their people would show Syria that the IS. S. Can handle tough crisis. The United States outlook on foreign policy affairs after World War II was influx once by the fear of communist expansion rather than establishing foreign relations WI the each country.

In 1947, the National Security Act authorized the creation of the Central Intelligent once Agency. Its role was to protect domestic security and oversee national relations. Following g World War II the Cold War intensified and the anti communist consumed our country. The cacti ones of the CIA conflicted with that of the constitution and the morality of the American people e. Many actions taken by the CIA were secret. Since congress would be required to approve or disapprove of any Celestial 4 involvement in a third world country the CIA would keep their actions quiet a ND not inform the congress.

By the United States having alliances and allies we benefit from it all. If the Un died States weren’t to affiliate themselves with foreign affairs, then we would become an isolationist country which wouldn’t be good nor helpful for anyone. We would have no all sees in possible wars, we could easily be overthrown by the citizens like in Syria, end up in Slav ere like other people in other countries, or face major threats from countries greater than u s when it comes down to war.


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