Italian and Baroque Renaissance Essay

In this investigative report I am going to talk about one of the most great and interesting subject to discuss in art history, about two great period in the field of art full of artistic talent, creativity and masterpieces and they contain artists that are recognized by all people in the world, this two period are Renaissance art and baroque and in this report I will explain the differences.

First of all the big difference is the time, in the 1400s was the Renaissance in Italy and this period was like the transition between the medieval and the new era, and then the Baroque style of art was in the late 1600s and another great changes and transformation start that is that the church was dividing between the roman catholic and the protestant.

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Then a big difference was the style because like in the other essay we talk, in the renaissance period artist used a lot of realism, and was when the innovation of the linear perspective and the aerial perspective create and in the renaissance another characteristic was the clearness in the works of art but the problem was that in this idea to put more realism and adding depth make the artwork with lack of emotion and this was the characteristic that the baroque artist solve because they focus more in the subject, in the drama of the painting or sculpture, with a lot of special effects, many details, and also very realistic and other thing that they can contrast is than in baroque art it were more turbulent colors than in the renaissance one, so in here you can see the differences of the style used by the artist in this two great period of art history.

Then in the renaissance style the art work not completely depict human emotion and in contrast with the baroque, the baroque emphasized in that, so if you compare two paintings one from one style and the other one you can see the changes. And at the end of this investigative report I will talk about this charachteristics that is the artist from one period and the other, in the renaissance the artist are well known by all the world generation through generations, only hearing the name Michelangelo and Da Vinci several ideas go into your mind and in the Baroque the most important artist are Bernini and Caravaggio. So renaissance artist are more famous than Baroque because th masterpieces they created. In conclusion here we have the differences between the two greates period in art history, with great innovations and artworks.


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