It was a commotion that crashed in the building; a helicopter hit the north tower Essay

Bang! It was a commotion that crashed in the building; a helicopter hit the north tower. I looked from an obscure window, as second by second each life was taken away. It seemed like I was put to my limits, the immense explosion had a grim impact on my life.

As I stood by obscure window the atmosphere was changing dramatically. In my head I thought of god and his global environment, it was like a hell as doomsday had appeared. As I was focusing on the establish of god, a guard came straight up to me and asked me to perch down, I saw a family desperate for help but they couldn’t get any.

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Suddenly, i heard my cell phone ringing I focused on my life, as I answered the phone I heard another floor disintegrate in the other tower. I started to convulse and picked my phone up again. It was from my children school, they told me, that my child is lost in the school I had no time to think about my child all sorts of things were going in my mind.

Suddenly, I slump on the floor. DARKNESS. Everyone gathered around me. Then everyone started to move I heard foots moving side by side. People from other building were jumping down from the windows as if cricket balls were being thrown it was that horrific scene.

My body thumping need of help, will anyone help me? No wonder that anyone knows me around here, they won’t bother of a body in such a need of help. Rolling side by side I hit the rigid wall and get my head damaged quiet badly.

I start to panic. Then I hear another aeroplane gradually pending towards the elevated building, not in control of unconscious body, I crawl towards safety but only to find the stairs deep down. I felt the feeling of going down the stairs how terrible would that be. I sat up and then another…Explosion!

The building was hit, my building was hit, and the building, in which I was in, black hot coffee drips on my face, I yell but they’re in no help. Everyone running to save there own lives, I think to myself as possibly last day of my life.

I could smell the fresh blood, poured beside me from a dead body. I stuck in an enormous building with heavy blocks of bricks on my head, pressing down my life taking the time of my life I am left in condition. I weep for help of god. In my ears I hear the [quran tilawat] holy book, I gain conscious, and think to myself am I going to survive? I could see the flames of fire spreading. I could smell the felling of my death; it’s so horrific to venture your death in front of your face.

I could taste my blood from my nose it was dripping a lot. I tried to touch the photo of my family which was located in my pocket, but another block fells on my arm I scream [Aaaarh!!!] I cry and think what sin I did. A splash of water is poured in my eyes, someone is helping me, and in delight I laugh, only to open my eyes and see rain from the wrecked roof falling on me. I was thirsty and god helps me, and he pours rain from heaven on a body, which has no use to the world but surviving a forgettable day. A glimmer of hope appears I hear someone screaming and shouting “anyone there”. I cry me but it’s not loud enough, as my voice doesn’t get to them their voice gets deeper and deeper one more hope washed away. As I mutter around with my own vice a bell rings in the office. I can’t get to it it’s out of my reach. Once again my family comes to my mind as I think of yesterday treat I gave to my children in Macdonald’s, it was great, children loved it so did i. But theses days will never come back I think in my irrevocable mind.

Suddenly the building starts to tremble, I feel as if the day is the last for me, why did I not say goodbye to my children and my wife?

BLAST! The building is burst and I am no longer to be detected. The beeps of my heart are no longer giving any sound. The signal from God is clear he wants me. An abrasion of a glass is stuck down my throat. I was no longer a human being.


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