IT Report in the incorporation of high resolution graphics and videos on web Pages Essay

I am writing this report for a new web development company that specialises in the incorporation of high resolution graphics and videos on web Pages. I will be comparing two computers that I have researched and then will be recommending the better one. In my recommendation I will justify my reasons for why I think that specific computer is better than the other. For my research, I will be using the PC World website:

Price: £969.99

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* AMD Turion 64 X 2 Processor TL-58

* 1.9GHz, 2000MHz FSB, 2 x 512MB Cache

* Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium

* 2GB Memory

* 500GB Hard Drive

Product Information

This stunning all-in-one PC is a complete entertainment centre – an intuitive touchscreen takes you straight to your music, photos and video. Includes an AMD Turion 64 X2 Processor and Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium.

Also has an integrated TV tuner and wi-fi, plus an enormous 720GB Hard Drive to store your music library, movies and photos.

* Dual Layer DVD Rewriter

* NVIDIA GeForce Go7600 Graphics

* 6 USB connections

* WiFi Ready

* Built-in TV Tuner

Full specification

* Processor Type – AMD TURION 64 X 2 TL-58

* Hard Disk Capacity – 500 Gb

* Graphics Memory – 256 dedicated up to 528 MB

* Graphics Description – NVIDIA GeForce Go7600


* No of USB connections – 6

* No of PCI Slots – 4

* No. of Firewire Connections – 2

* Speakers

* TV Tuner

* Keyboard

* Mouse

* Software Titles Included – Windows Vista Home Premium

Price inc VAT £339.99

This amazing top brand PC is packed with powerful performance enhancing features! Its Pentium D processor allows you to run multiple programs with ease – great for when you’re using its Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Basic software to play your music and movies.

* Intel Pentium D Processor 925 Dual Core

* 3.0GHz, 800MHz FSB, 4MB Cache

* Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Basic


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