IT is the 21st century and anyone

IT is the 21st century and anyone with a cell phone can take a picture. However to me, photography isn’t all about taking pictures, it is a way of communicating, telling a story and expressing yourself. A simple photograph can encapsulate many emotions but also evoke a lot of thoughts. And this what I like about photography because through this you can tell a story from your point of view without having to say this is wrong or that is right. It gives you a total freedom and you can get lost in your creation. Therefore, in studying photography, I want to be challenged creatively and put my theoretical and practical skills to a test.Previously, I have completed an extended BTEC business diploma and the course will definitely provide me with a strong foundation to commence the business side of photography. I absolutely believe that business knowledge is very important in any industry or sector. The course consisted of modules such as accounting fundamentals, ethics in business and digital marketing.These units helped me to build upon my writing and researching skills, as well as communication, presentation and most importantly IT skills. Also, this is where I have developed my interest in digital media and this allowed me to evolve and adapt to the current technological advances.Additionally, I have done work experience at a solicitors firm, and I have learnt how to deal with customers, advertising by creating promotional leaflets for the firm and writing blog posts. Working in a fast-paced environment was definitely challenging but, it allowed me to compromise and prioritise tasks. Also, I have developed communication and multitasking skills, therefore making it easier for me to work under pressure more effectively and I believe that these are transferable skills that would help in other roles too. Above all, I’ve decided to become a self-taught photographer from a young age because, I wanted to do something that is creative, challenging and taking pictures allowed me to see things from different perspectives. Although my school didn’t offer photography as subject, they still recognised my hard work. In year 10 I started my own photography club and it was a safe space for everyone to do what they love and meet like-minded people. We have done a project for ‘Exposure’ a youth magazine in Enfield about mental illness in young adults and sharing ideas and talking about issues that affect most of us was absolutely empowering. At the end of school year, I was rewarded as the photographer of the year and when I started college I began to assist the PR team and I got an insight into social media marketing.My hobbies and interests include; travelling, reading, blogging, and dancing. I love exploring and experiencing diverse cultures whether it’s the city or wild nature. I also read a lot of fictional books because sometimes it just feels good to escape reality but it also gives me a whole new world where there’s no limit to my imagination. I also have my own blog where I write stories about others, my experiences or issues that I care about. Lastly, I dance because dancing allows me to manifest my internal struggles into the physical space around me. It is very therapeutic, liberating and refreshing too. I’m so inspired by stories and I want to pursue my dream of having my own studio and quarterly print publication. I want to meet people and get to know them especially those people who generally don’t get to have their stories told. Those people who have powerful and unique stories. Thus, studying photography will definitely provide me with vital skills and experiences and help me grow as an individual. I am also looking forward to other aspects of university as well, whether it is meeting new people, collaborating with others or making new friends.


I'm James!

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