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is I Believe- The Grey Area”In a society filled with various communities, that coexisttogether, it’s easy for people to forget that not everyone believes the same things they do. We live in a world where as a general rule, we see things from a single point of view, selfish beings from our core, we see things as right or wrong, black or white. I believe that there is a grey area in life, more so that we exist in it. I believe that in life you have to make choices that benefit the greater good and help the most people. Is the grey area of life to be embraced or ignored? I believe that there are many lessons to be learned from embracing the grey. It is here that we will learn how to resolve our many differences by seeing their true creative potentials.?There are many things we as a society as right or wrong, we are told that it’s not okay to feel one way by one side of society and that it is okay by another. There is always an opinion on right or wrong, there’s always choice, black and white. In life, there are many situations where there is no right choice. Philippa Foot introduced great example of the grey areas of life with the “Trolley Equation” in 1967. In the Trolley Problem, you put yourself into a runaway trolley barreling down railway tracks. Further down the tracks, there is a split in the track, on one side of the track, there is a work crew of five men, they cannot hear the trolley coming, nor jump out of the way. On the end of the tracks, there is a single man that also cannot hear you coming, nor get off the tracks, you are given a lever that choses which track you go down. Do you go on track one and murder five people, or track two and only kill one??Robert Redford once said” It felt to me like America was always wanting to resolve things too quickly, without thinking through what the costs and consequences would be and how that affects an individual living in that world. Then as I grew up and went about my life, I think I just got more and more interested in that gray area where things are not so easily quantified” Traditionally America was made up of three distinct classes, Upper, Middle, and Lower, but now we have upper middle, lower middle, and so forth, before the classes had distinct things about them. The Upper class didn’t have to worry about things, their jobs were good to them, so they drove the nicest cars, while living in the nicest houses, the middle man worked hard typically made up of blue color people, worried about things like college and fancy trips but never worried much about anything else. Well, growing up in the middle I learned that’s not always the truth. Not only did I grow up in the middle, I grew up in the gray area. I grew up in the bible belt in a semi unreligiousfamily, small town West Virginia, not quite north, not quite south. I grew up wealthy middle class but didn’t know it until I was older and discovered my family made too much for grants but couldn’t afford to send my sister and I to school. My whole life I grew up not quite one thing, but not quite the other. So, I dwell in the grey. I’ve learned that not everything can be right or wrong, a big topic on this would be abortion. Right or Wrong black and white. There are so many factors to this scenario though, that often get left unnoticed.  Woman’s body here choice, conception vs heartbeat, church vs state, government issue or not, these all are seemingly black and white, but there is a grey area, and a large one at that. When sex is consensual, and a pregnancy occurs, is it purely the mothers body so her choice, or does the father have a righto say no and keep the baby, I mean it did take two? Also, rape, if she didn’t preform the act willingly does the government get to force her to keep an emotionally destroying reminder? Although I could go on and on regarding the grey areas of abortion, that is not the topic of this essay, but merely an example. ?Most of us can agree that this world is made up of opposites. Up-down, in-out, hot-cold, sweet-sour, and male-female are easy examples to understand and this list goes on and on. These dualities are most clearly divided at the extremes. It is at the extremes where life gives us a clarity from which we can make our choices readily. Life makes sense to us when the extremes can be compared in such a black and white manner. It becomes more confusing when the black and white starts turning to grey. Society likes to tell us how to think and depending on which side you’re on if you’re right or wrong. I believe however, when you prematurely force your circumstances into their simpler black-or-white counterparts, you miss out on the full story, and, potentially, the opportunities that become apparent from a fuller understanding of the situation. I believe every situation leaves you with a choice, but I also believe that choices can be both right and wrong at the same time. I believe the grey area is scarier than the choice itself, the consequences from the wrong pick, or maybe the right one. The fact that it’s right for you and wrong for your neighbor. It’s all a scary thought, speaking of right for one person and wrong for another, which track did you chose in the trolley scenario? Track one where you kill five maybe innocent fathers and husband, or maybe even five murders, or one father and husband or murder?


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