Invisible Book Sample Essay

I started reading “Invisible I” a book that was recommended to me by a librarian at the KPL in Kitchener-Waterloo. I have merely merely started but I am truly intrigued. Already we know that Amanda has gone losing but we have non been given any of the inside informations as to how. why. when and who. Another interesting portion is that the series is entitled “The Amanda Project” but this narrative is told through the voice of Callie. one of Amanda’s friends. I find it interesting how Callie. Hal Bennet. and Nia Rivera were all friends with Amanda. but they ne’er knew it until one twenty-four hours when they got called down to the office by the vice-principal who informed them that Amanda had gone losing and asked if they know where she might be. This book is full of enigmas which leaves me with more inquiries. For illustration. I found this quotation mark in the book “Um. Mr. Thornhill. I think there’s been a error. We don’t even cognize one another. ” Why would Amanda ne’er state each one of her friends who she is friends with? Why is she so close? Why is so cryptic? They had to clean the frailty principals auto because there was graffito found on it. while they were cleaning his auto. they started speaking and got to cognize each other. as they will hold to acquire along seeing as they have to work out the enigma of Amanda.

Because Hal’s. Callie’s and Nia’s cabinets were defaced in a similar mode as the frailty principals. Mr Thornhill he assumed they were at least in portion responsible for the graffito and decided to do them responsible for the clean up every bit good. It was merely through the cleansing procedure did the 3 realize the common nexus is Amanda… . Who is now losing. I can’t delay to see what happens following.

Journal Response # 2
In the book “Invisible I” . a auto is vandalised and cipher seems knows who did it. But a group of pupils get blamed for it. This is unjust because they didn’t truly do the offense. What’s interesting though is how where the 3 pupils are brought together they start to acquire to cognize each other. Its so that they start to believe possibly Amanda ( the losing miss ) is the 1 who vandalised the auto and the cabinets. Besides while cleaning Callie. one of Amanda’s friends. finds an envelope with a “totem on it” in the frailty principals auto. They are besides larning that Amanda has non been wholly true with them. She has lied to her friends & A ; the school about where she lives. What other lies has she told? Where could she be? Furthermore… . Who is Amanda?

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Journal Response # 3
In an effort to acquire more information about Amanda. Nia. Hal and Callie broke into the frailty principals office at that place were trusting to steal a key to the filing cabinet so they could acquire it duplicated and acquire the file booklet on Amanda. Unfortunately it didn’t work out because there was no file on Amanda in the pupil records. While Hal Nia and Callie were at the school looking for Amanda’s file. they found security camera tapes. They all agreed that they could hold critical footage on them and that could assist reply some inquiries. They decided to take the tapes amd after sing them they realized they were right. The tapes showed Amanda seting an envelope into the auto. Thingss get even more cryptic when Callie subsequently arrives place and finds a note from her ma addressed to her and her pa. The note read: Roger I have to go forth town and I need you to look after Callie. As you know. for her ain safety. I can’t state her adieu. I love her so much. Rogers If there is any manner for you to maintain an oculus on here. to allow her cognize how much I love her. I would b vitamin E so thankful.

Journal Response # 4
Nia. Hal and Callie are even more determined to acquire replies on who and where Amanda is. They start by traveling to the house they knew to be hers. When they arrived at the Victorian place. and aged soft work forces said she didn’t unrecorded at that place and seek an reference a short distance off. The reference given to them by the aged chap at the Victorian whom led them to an upper category flat. At the forepart desk they asked what unit Amanda Valentino lived in. They were all really defeated to larn there was cipher by that name. Then it occurred to them that possibly Amanda… . . may non be her existent name. How would they of all time find out?

Over the class of the following few yearss. Hal. Nia and Callie all received a note stating that they were to run into at Crab Apple Hill. Judging by the authorship on the note they thought that Amanda was traveling to be at that place. Again to their discouragement she didn’t show. The three of them took the chance to speak and compare notes. Nia. Hal and Callie found out that she didn’t non unrecorded in a large

Journal Response # 5
The terminal of the book is non what I was trusting for. As with most fictional narratives the audience is by and large anticipating a happy stoping with most inquiries answered and most enigmas solved. That is non the instance with the “Invisible I” . The Amanda Project. The last few chapters have Nia. Hal and Callie on a continued mission to happen Amanda. They come up with a program to run into in the Centre of the town on a Friday dark and list all of Amanda’s topographic points to travel. Some of the topographic points were common to each and other topographic points were rather a surprise for each other. They visited some topographic points together and so distribute out to see entirely. At the terminal of the dark they come up with nothing… . . once more! Then the narrative takes another bend when something has happened to the VP and its caused him to be in a coma. Isis someway related? Hal. Callie & A ; Nia want to cognize so they creak into Mr. Thornhills auto and happen a note from Amanda. “Danger! What danger do you anticipate? Holmes shook his caput soberly. It would be cease to be a danger if we could specify it. said he. ” – Sir Arthur Conon Doyle

This note merely adds more suspense and more inquiries for the audience as we are told to watch for Book 2. when the narrative on the whereabouts Amanda continues.


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