Introduction to Natural Gas Essay

Natural gas is one of the most of import beginning of energy for cut downing pollution and keeping a clean and healthy environment we can name it as a hereafter energy resource. In add-on to being a domestically abundant and unafraid beginning of energy, the usage of natural gas besides offers a figure of environmental benefits over other beginnings of energy, peculiarly other fossil fuels. This subdivision will discourse the environmental effects of natural gas, interms of emanation every bit good as the environmental impact of the natural gas industry itself. Natural gas is used over 60 million places.

In add-on natural gas is used in 78 per centum of eating houses, 73 per centum of lodging installations, 51 per centum of infirmaries, 598 per centum of offices, and 58 per centum of retail edifices. Natural gas is critical to universe makers, non merely to power their operations, but besides as an indispensable feedstock for many of the merchandises we use daily- vesture, rugs, athleticss equipment, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, computing machines, and car parts. It is besides a primary feedstock for chemicals, plastics and fertilisers. Natural gas fuels our economic system.

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It is a clean combustion domestic energy beginning that powers our economic system. It cools and warms our places and concerns, is used to bring forth electricity, and helps keep our quality of life. Natural gas is a gas dwelling chiefly of methane. It is found associated with fossil fuels, in coal beds, as methane clathrates, and is created by methogenic beings in fens, bogs, and landfills. It is an of import fuel beginning and a potent nursery gas. Before natural gas can be used as a fuel, it must undergo extended processing to take about all stuffs other than methane.

The by merchandises of that treating include C2H6, propane, butanes, pentanes and higher molecular weight hydrocarbons, elemental sulfur and sometimes He and N. Overview of natural gas: Natural gas is a fossil fuel beginning of energy, which represents more than one fifth of entire energy ingestion in the universe. It has been the fastest turning energy souce fuel since the 1970ss. Due to economical and ecological advantages that it presents every bit good as its safety quqlities, natural gas is an progressively attractive beginning oof energy in many states.

At present, natural gas is the 2nd energy beginning after oil. Harmonizing to energy information disposal, natural gas accounted for 31 % of universe energy production in 2006. It has first-class positions for future demand. Natural gas is considered the energy beginning of this century, as crude oil was last century and coal two centuries ago. Natural gas presents a competitory advantage over other energy beginnings. It is seen as economically more efficient because merely approximately 10 % of the natural gas produced is wasted before it gets to concluding ingestion.

In add-on, technological progresss are invariably bettering efficiencies in extraction, transit and storage techniques every bit good as in equipment that uses natural gas. Natural gas is considered as an environmentally friendly clean fuel, offering of import environmental benefits when compared to other fossil fuels. The superior environmental qualities over coal or oil are that emanations of sulfur dioxide are negligible or that the degree of azotic oxide and C dioxide emanations is lower.

This helps to cut down jobs of acerb rain, ozone bed depletion orgreenhouse gases. Although resources of natural are finite and natural gas is a non-renewable beginning of energy, these resorces are plentiful all over the universe. Natural gas militias are continuously increasing as new geographic expedition and extraction techniques allow for wider and deeper boring. The turning importance of natural gas as a major energy beginning is shown by the sum of investing devoted to the natural gas industry.

The sector shows a great dynamism at the beginning of the new milleniuum. Increasing demand and monetary values in tje recent in the recent yesteryear have led to new enlargement and geographic expedition undertakings in the natural gas industry. New grapevine building undertakings are developed and planned all over the universe. Furthermore, most authoritiess are increasingly including natural gas in their energy policy docket, by following liberalisation policies ( peculiarly after the energy deficits of 1970s ) , in order to open the markets to competition.

More and more, energy concluding users are besides demoing a penchant for utilizing natural gas a clean, safe, dependable and economical beginning of energy. Natural gas is used for warming, chilling and several other industry utilizations, while it is progressively going the favoured fuel for power coevals. Natural gas is future of energy and fuel demands as it is one of the most clean fuel the groundss for this is illustrated by following this information: Chemistry of natural gas: Natural gas, like all fossil fuels, is the remain of prehistoric life affair that existed million of old ages ago.

In the Marine environment, dead beings came to rest on the ocean floor, where they were covered by bed after bed of clay or silt which over clip became beds of stone. Buried beneath the sea bed, the hydroicarbons stored inside the one time living affair were preserved, but their composing was altered by the heat and force per unit area from the stones above. Millions of old ages subsequently, sedimentations of these hydrocarbons can be found either in liquid signifier as crude oil, or as natural gas. Natural gas signifiers in porous beds of stone, with bubbles of gas trapped inside the stone.

Gas Fieldss occur when a bed of imperviable stone, such as limestone, has formed above the bed of porous stone, forestalling the gas from get awaying. Deposits of natural gas are frequently found aboard crude oil sedimentations. Natural gas is colorless and odourless. It consists mostlyof methane, but assorted in with the methane are likely to be other hydrocarbon compounds and a few drosss. Natural gas is colorless odourless, tasteless, shapeless and lighter than air. It is gaseous at any temperature over -161 c. When it is at its natural province, it is non possible to see or smell natural gas.

For safety grounds, a chemical odorant that smells a small like icky eggs, mercaptan, is added to natural gas so that it can be smelled if there is a gas leak. Natural gas is a mixture of light hydrocarbons including methane, C2H6, propane, butanes and pentanes. Other compound found in natural gas includes carbon dioxide, He H sulfide and N. The composing of natural gas is ne’er changeless, nevertheless, the primary constituent of natural gas is methane ( typically, atleast 90 % ) , which has a simple hydrocarbon construction composed of one C atom and four H atoms ( ch4 ) .

Methane is extremely inflammable, Burnss easy and about wholly, while it emits really small air pollution. Natural gas is neither caustic nor toxic, its ignition temperature is high, and its has a narrow flammability scope, doing it an inherently safe dodo fuel compared to other fuel beginnings. In add-on, because of its specific gravitation of 0. 60, lower than that of air ( 1. 00 ) , natural gas rises if get awaying, therefore dispersing from the site of any leak. The C and H occurs from the remains of workss and animate beings ( composing in natural gas )

Which were inside the lakes and seas 1000000s of old ages back. The organic stuff so mixed up with immense beds of deposits and so turned back to natural gas and rough oil as heat from the Earth ‘s interior and force per unit area from the beds changed it. Natural gas is found all over the Earth in resorviors deep inside the Earth and in oceans. It is trapped in porous stone formations. Natural gas can be found in oil sedimentations, as associated natural gas. Natural gas when cooled ton a temperature of approx -260 degree Fahrenheit, it converts to a liquid calling liquified natural gas ( LNG ) .

LNG has weight one half as that of H2O, or you can state 45 % less weight so H2O to be exact. It is non caustic, non toxic, odourless and colourless. For convenience in transit and hive awaying natural gas is liquefied to organize LNG. Natural gas is practically free from sulfur and hence does non bring forth so2 so considered as clean and environment friendly beginning of energy it besides emits lower values os nitrogen oxides when compared with coal or oil. Power coevals:

Natural gas is now used widely in the coevals of electricity by utilizing gas turbines and steam turbines. By uniting gas turbines with steam turbines we can increase efficiency of electric coevals and this manner is called combined rhythm manner. Natural gas produces less nursery gases like C dioxide for an tantamount sum of heat when compared to petroleum ( 30 % less ) and coal ( 45 % less ) therefore combined rhythm coevals of electricity utilizing natural gas is the cleanest beginning of power available utilizing fossil fuels.

Natural gas is used in power coevals wherever we can obtain it at a sensible monetary value further fuel cells ( discussed in item below ) can be used for power coevals utilizing natural gas but it is non economically a good trade. Fuel cells utilizing natural gas: Fuel cells utilizing natural gas for power coevals are under development. Fuel cells are devices that uses H to bring forth electricity their working is about same as of batteries. It is one of the cleanest manner of bring forthing electricity as their is no emanations what so of all time and as we know that natural gases are a rich beginning of H so it can be used in fuel cells.

Fuel cells are still under development procedure as the procedure of utilizing natural gas in fuel cells is really expensive but if they are used widespread all over the universe so we can guarantee a really clean environment and can cut down emanations associated with the coevals of electricity. Electricity coevals and industrial application uses fossil fuels for bring forthing electricity and heat. we can utilize natural gas for such type of operations as it can assist to cut down the emanations associated with the coevals of electricity. In transit:

Natural gas can be used as a fuel for vehicles, trains and air conveyance besides it can be a really clean fuel as in the instance of CNG ( tight natural gas ) used in four and three Wheeler vehicles. by 2008 9. 6 million vehicles uses natural gas as their beginning of fuel supply. Its efficiency is somewhat less so diesel engine but comparable to gasoline engines but if we make it compulsory for all public conveyance vehicles to utilize natural gas as their energy beginning supply we can led to a really clean universe as the major beginning of air pollution is from the conveyance sector.

In aerospace: Development procedures are running to develop aircrafts that uses natural gas the beginning of their fuel supply Russian company Tupololev is seeking to develop an aircraft that uses LNG and HYDROGEN as the beginning of its power supply it will besides be lower so normal aircraft and besides with decrease in N oxide and C monoxide emanation decrease.

The advantage of utilizing natural gas as a fuel for aircrafts is that its specific energyis more than normal aircraft fuel ( kerosene mixes ) and one advantage is that it can can be used as a ice chest for chilling air replacing a intercooler in engine. Natural gas can besides be usage for industry of plastics, pigments, glass steel, cloths and other utile merchandises. Advantages and Disadvantages of natural gas:

The chief advantage of utilizing natural gas over other fossil fuel as a beginning of energy is that it is a clean fuel and contributes really less consequence on air and environment about us as there is no emanations, no residue, no fume and no odor. Its growing of usage as domestic fuel, for power coevals, in industries is increasing quickly twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. From a study it has been found that usage of natural gas as a beginning for power coevals about histories for around 20 % of our entire energy beginning ( universe energy mentality 2000 ) .

But as every coin has two stages utilizing natural gas is besides non free from this remark, it is considered that natural gas is clean beginning of energy but this is non a true fact, it does impact the environment to some extent. Natural gas besides produces C dioxide while firing like all other fossil fuels although it is really less as compared to char and crude oil and besides natural gas that is used as a energy beginning is ever non free from drosss and this lead to emanations of unwanted particulates.

Therefore it may be noted that it is non a complete clean fuel as it is non carbon impersonal and besides produces little emanations so from an environmental point of position it is non an complete ideal beginning of energy. Another disadvantage is that which is common to all fossil fuels is that their extraction leads to a procedure called excavation and boring which may take to an ecological inbalance and besides causes pollution which can be visualised.


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