Introduction to Literature. Antigone Essay

Screen’s role in this play is a huge part of the narrative. The plot of the story depends on Screen’s belief that patriotism to his country is more important than ones obedience to the gods. However does Croon have Justification for his actions? I would say in Screen’s case he shows an extremist viewpoint of patriotism that is slightly understandable. Croon is much like patriots of countries around the world today. Even in the past some more barbaric patriots would go to extremes to show the cost of treason.

Most extremist believe there is nothing that a person can do against their country that is forgivable. Even though I would not say our country is full of extreme patriotism there is a pride that can be dangerous. According to a worldwide survey Claude Fischer provides some evidence by Tom Smith at the International Social Science Programmer that shows: “We (US citizens) believe that we are #1 almost across the board, when in fact we are far below number one in many arenas – in health, K-12 education, working conditions, to mention Just a few’ (Wade 1).

The survey begs the question goes our #1 pride then blind us to the possibility that we could learn a thing or two from other countries? Croon would not listen to his advisors until the cost of his patriotism affected his nuclear family directly. So would Croon have taken the advice of another culture? I would emphatically say no. This shows the extreme level of his pride in the belief in his countries superiority, a dangerous belief. How then would I justify Screen’s actions? That is a hard question.

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The only time I would say this type of extreme patriotism is productive is before ongoing into war. Even though Screen’s actions were after a war on the state, he still felt he needed to show the power of the new king. This sounds familiar to me. When a war was declared in our country there were many patriots that wanted Justice. Our president claimed “you’re either with us, or against us”. Our president was trying to show his nations strength. The play does not tell us how the citizens under Screen’s rule felt, but it is clear he thought he needed to show the power of his reign.


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