Introduction: the natural gas power plant will


In the applied
thermodynamics project, the power plants be chose by us are fossil fuel vapor
power plant and solar thermal vapor power plant. We should know the principles
for these two power plants. And to compare them, according the results to know
why the most power plants in the world are fossil fuel power plants, and why
the more solar thermal vapor power plants will be built in the future.

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For fossil fuel power
plant, we decided to use natural gas as our fossil fuel. Thus, we know turbine,
pump, boiler and condenser are the main basic components in this cycle. This
kind of power plant has a long history. The working principle for it is about: When
the fossil fuel is burning, the water is heated to generate steam, which
transforms the chemical energy of the fuel into heat energy. The steam pressure
drives the steam turbine to rotate, and the heat energy is converted into
mechanical energy. Then the steam turbine drives the generator to rotate, and
transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy. After that, the first
step is to calculate how many kwh should be used at one home. Then the size of
turbine, condenser, boiler and pump should be confirmed.

For solar thermal vapor
power plant, the concentrating solar power will be researched in this case. And
the parabolic trough designs should be researched firstly. It was used more
widely than enclosed trough and power tower designs and dish designs. The
principle of parabolic trough system is the use of parabolic trough reflector
to focus sunlight on the receiver to the tube, and the heat transfer fluid
inside the heating tube to produce steam, promote conventional turbine power
generation; tower system is the use of heliostat numerous, high temperature
solar heat radiation is reflected to the tower top collector (solar boiler) on
heating the working substance to produce superheated steam, or direct heating
collector in water to produce superheated steam, steam turbine generator set.
The main parts for this system are: parabolic trough reflector, heat exchange,
turbine, pump, condenser and cooling tower.

fuel summary: In
this case, the natural gas power plant will be talked. And the price of natural
gas be researched is $3.04 MMBtu. According to the calculation, the efficiency
of the natural power plant is about 41%. This efficiency will be used for
calculating the cost of the energy. Also, the general appliance energy use chart
showed us how much energy should be used for each family in USA. It is almost 1,520,426
kwh (The General Appliance Energy Use Chart in USA) for each home in one
year. Thus, it is the basic for us to choose what is the size for the turbine
in the natural gas power plant. In addition, the loss of energy between power
plant to the homes is about 100%. And the design life is about 30 years.

thermal Summary: Solar energy is one of
the most important sources of energy in the twenty-first Century. And Photovoltaic
power is the most widely used. But what we want to study is parabolic trough solar
thermal electric power plants. The trough type thermal power generation system
is a parabolic reflector which uses solar parabolic reflector to focus sunlight
on the collector to heat the working medium, generate steam in the heat
exchanger, and drive the turbine to drive the generator to generate
electricity. In terms of solar power generation, (The cost of trough solar , 2017)generator is the only
mature technology in the world that has been commercialized for 20 years, and
its cost is far below that of photovoltaic power generation. Its energy storage
system or combustion system can run for 24 hours, and the cost of the
electricity is also very competitive. The design life is about 15 years. For
solar energy, the most advantage is about no other fuel need be used when the
power plant is running.



Comparing between the
fossil-fuel vapor power plant and the solar thermal vapor power plant. First,
it can be seen from the Figure 1 and Figure 5, the big difference is that the
fossil- fuel vapor plant used the boiler, however, the concentrating solar
thermal vapor power plant used the solar parabolic reflector and through the
heat exchanger to receive the heat. Second, for the cost of these two types of
equipment, the concentrating solar thermal vapor power plant is obviously higher
than the fossil-fuel vapor power plant. Third, through the calculation, it
shown the thermal efficiency of the fossil-fuel vapor power plant is higher
than the solar thermal vapor power plant. Last but not least, the pollution
index for the fossil-fuel vapor power plant is definitely high, in contrast,
the solar thermal vapor power plant is

More environmentally friendly.



       As the
global climate is warmer, more clean energy plants will be built. More solar
power plants will start to work. Through a simple comparison, we know that the
cost of solar power is higher than that of traditional energy, but its air
pollution is much lower than that of traditional power plants. If the life of
the solar power plant can be improved in the future, I believe that the solar
power technology will have a greater boost. However, in the current world,
traditional energy generation is still the first choice, low electricity prices
and mature technology are its greatest advantages. And with the large use of
natural gas, his pollution of the atmosphere will be reduced. We believe that,
with the development of science and technology, there will be more ways to
reduce the pollution of the atmosphere.


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