International Marketing Research Challenges Essay


Due to planetary fiscal issues in the recent months. consumer assurance is low in the more developed markets such as Japan. the US and Europe ( AFP. 2012 ) . Therefore developing markets. such as the Australian market. are looking towards emerging markets where the markets have remained dynamic and rich in growing chances. This is because emerging markets “have reached a minimal degree of GDP and are in the growing stage of the development cycle” ( Pearson Education. 2012 ) . nevertheless due to this growing phase these markets are still vulnerable to both internal and external forces. With many companies world-wide seeking planetary growing chances. it has ne’er been more of import for international selling research to be conducted in order to to the full understand the consumers of these markets ( Greenland. 2011 ) . This growing of emerging markets has presented a figure of challenges for international selling research workers including differences in research costs and besides environmental differences such as differences in civilization and even troubles in communicating and engineering.


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Conducting research in a different state. particularly one that is classified as an emerging market. can make many issues for international market research workers. For illustration. Greenland ( 2011 ) talked about how the disbursal of carry oning research in emerging markets. such as Africa. is normally much higher than when compared to undertakings conducted in developed states. Even though some of these issues may be catered for at the planning phase. many of these issues are unpredictable and can happen at any phase throughout the research undertaking. making a high opportunity of the undertaking traveling over budget. Many factors including travel costs. currency fluctuation and handiness of engineering can impact the monetary value of market research. However due to the fact that originative research attacks are needed in emerging markets. these higher monetary values may non be able to be overcome without a batch of research and apprehension of the cultural and economic norms of the emerging market state ( Craig and Douglas 2005 ) .

Equally good as civilization and economic sciences being a factor in the high cost fluctuations associated with research on emerging markets. the fact that substructure and engineering is significantly limited besides making many issues to market research workers. This is because limited engineering significantly limits the figure of options the international market research workers have entree to in order to carry on their research. No or limited engineering means that most market research will necessitate to be conducted face-to-face. Having to carry on research face-to-face in emerging markets can present excess disbursals in the signifier of travel and excess staff when compared to practical interactions such as on-line studies. This is because in many of these emerging markets. for illustration Africa. “poor route webs. deficiency of direct flights. and the huge distances involved” ( Greenland 2011 ) make it highly hard to make these rural countries.

Equally good as being clip devouring. this is besides a dearly-won procedure with both transit and adjustment needed to be taken into history. With these face-to-face interactions comes the job of being able to pass on with participants who are likely to talk a different linguistic communication. On suggestion to get the better ofing this job is to develop local people within the emerging market to carry on the research on behalf of the international market research workers. However. this attack is merely a feasible option if there are no clip restraints due to the fact that it is likely to take a batch of clip to develop these new people and do them understand what the research worker is seeking to happen out. International market research can be a batch more than when carry oning research in a developed market. nevertheless concerns that are desiring to put in emerging markets must be after for these excess costs if they want their new venture to win.


Every state has their ain distinguishable cultural regulations which can do great confusion and jobs when seeking to carry on market research in a state that differs so greatly to your ain state. For illustration. in Middle Eastern societies where adult females have really different functions to those adult females populating in more western societies. This is why “the selling research procedure should be modified so that it does non conflict with the cultural values” ( Malhotra 2010 ) of the state in inquiry. In states such as the Middle East. adult females are more likely to see lower instruction and literacy rates than their western society opposite numbers. For this ground and many others. face-to-face questioning seems to be the most feasible option for carry oning selling research in these states ( Greenland. 2011 ) . However. even with face-to-face interviews this illiteracy can take to the respondents non able to explicate their ain sentiments and all information gained could be biased or non-existent ( Malhotra 2010 ) .

Furthermore. the cultural differences in these states can widen further than merely lower instruction rates. with many other factors impacting the manner research must be conducted in these emerging states to be effectual. For illustration. many Arab civilizations prohibit their adult females to hold contact with non-family males. which can do jobs with leting male research workers to carry on face-to-face interviews ( Greenland 2011 ) . A solution to this job could be developing female research workers to carry on the research when female interviewees are needed.

However every bit good as this being perchance unsafe and lifelessly to the female. in many developing states females are the bottom category and are seen to merely make household responsibilities. therefore a occupation would be against cultural beliefs. The extent of the merchandises presently available in the emerging markets is another cultural issue that research workers must confront when desiring to present a merchandise. Malhotra ( 2010 ) suggests research workers need to look at the public’s attitude towards advertisement. the government’s control of the media and the behavior of consumers when carry oning research. All of the old factors change within different civilizations which furthers heightens the demand for specific research methods and thoughts for different emerging markets.


Communication challenges in emerging markets non merely associate to linguistic communication barriers but besides differences in engineering and civilizations. Market research workers may happen it really hard to pass on the more complex thoughts of their concern to research participants in emerging markets where the linguistic communication barrier is high. There has been a batch of research been into seeking to happen a manner to get the better of this job. Greenland ( 2009 ) . looked into utilizing ocular cues. such as exposure. to help the research participants in obtaining a greater apprehension of what the research worker was seeking to convey. Craig and Douglas ( 2001 ) . suggest the thought of videotaping people and analyzing the behavior observed to seek and place consumer purchasing wonts. This nevertheless can present many issues from whether it is legal or ethical to tape people without their cognition and even whether cultural differences change what we would believe a peculiar behavior conveys.

Greenland ( 2009 ) . besides talks about the linguistic communication barrier when it comes to interpreting information from English to Swahili in the signifier of a questionnaire. The Swahili version of the questionnaire was notably longer than that of the English version which impacts the clip taken to carry on the research. While Malhotra ( 2010 ) negotiations about interlingual rendition from English to German and how the peculiar significance of inquiries were altered when translated. which confused the concluding consequences. This is a job that the research workers tried and failed to get the better of at the clip of the research being conducted. Besides binding into communicating issues is the challenge of carry oning research without the engineering that developed markets rely so to a great extent on.

Harmonizing to Malhotra ( 2010 ) the lives of mundane citizens. peculiarly those in rural countries. of states such as India. South Korea and many Latin American states. are yet to be impacted by progresss in scientific discipline and engineering. ” This. therefore. has an impact on how information is collected and stored and can besides hold an impact on the type of information a market research worker can roll up. These non-existent progresss in scientific discipline and engineering non merely extinguish internet studies or treatments but in many states besides eliminate the ability to carry on telephone interviews. with research workers unable to happen complete telephone directories if the families have entree to the telephone at all ( Malhotra 2010 ) . With the sum of challenges confronting research workers sing engineering. it is frequently much more efficient to carry on face-to-face interviews.


“With the speed uping gait of market globalisation” ( Craig and Douglas 2005 ) . emerging markets are bit by bit going of greater involvement to larger
concerns all around the universe. To expeditiously sell merchandises in these emerging markets a batch of research demands to be done to to the full understand the consumers in these emerging markets in order to efficaciously market and sell their merchandise. There are many factors that make emerging markets different to sell merchandises in when compared to developed markets including. political differences and even fluctuations in currency. This is why it is so of import to understand how to expeditiously carry on research in these states prior to selling goods.

However. there are many challenges that face research workers in these emerging markets. including the different costs of research. cultural differences and communicating troubles. These challenges can do the research to take a batch longer and be a batch more money than research workers would be used to. However. much research is being done to come up with solutions to battle these challenges which will hopefully do it progressively easier for concerns to put in emerging markets in the hereafter.


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