Information technologies Essay

When my brother and I got our first computer, we couldn’t even begin to comprehend the amounts of information we could access. So we Just began using it for benign things, like video games and music. It was already at that point when we realized that this is something revolutionary, something that will not go away in a couple of years. Just ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine anything more advanced than what I had in my room. The first ever computer was the famous MANIAC; it weighed about thirty tons, and was about thirty meters long.

And now, ten years later, on my desk there’s a splay and a computer in a two foot tablet with more processing speed than what was and is being used in space programs. Eve always been intrigued by the development of information technology and Eve had the intention of educating myself in that field, but I had to decide between information technology, and meteorology. Meteorology has always been something I wanted to know more about and something I would merge with my photography, and the only way to learn learn more about it was through higher education.

The internet is unfortunately finite when it comes to information, but my standards are bestially high because, after elementary school, I developed a significant appetite for knowledge, which resulted in my grades getting higher with every year. If I hadn’t decided to pursue meteorology, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today, and probably would never have the capacity to study information technology, which is the reason I’m writing this essay.

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After all the physics and mathematics, it’s finally time to pursue something Eve always wanted to pursue; and that is information technology. I finally have the capacity and ambition to learn more about it. Reasons why I chose he Rochester Institute of Technology are uncountable; the fact that all classes are in English makes a big difference to all students who want to study information technology, including myself.

All operating systems, all programming languages, all web languages are in English; and the list goes on. Some of the rest of the reasons are the privilege of working on multiple operating systems, the possibility of going to the main campus in Rochester to learn more about the institute itself, and the opportunity to one day contribute to the world of information technology, which is ginning to have more and more significance in forming our society.

No one could have ever imagined something as extraordinary as a computer Just a couple centuries ago; what intrigues me the most is what kind of new technologies will be available to mankind in Just half a century from now. It’s definitely something which we couldn’t imagine in our wildest dreams. It’s something that will change the world all over again. If I educate myself in the field of information technology, It’ll make me feel like a part of that, a contributor to forming our society. Information technologies By demarcation


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