Information System Essay

Information System In Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar is presently utilizing the Guest Centrix system. Bing the first Hotel Seri Malaysia subdivision and the earlier hotel amongst hotels in Malaysia that utilizing and implement the Guest Centrix system in their direction. Guest Centrix system has built integrating with Microsoft Word. Microsoft Excel. electronic mail and many other. It offers a stable and friendly user-interface. improved by the wary usage of coloring material and artworks. Hotel employees can larn the system rapidly. salvaging the clip and money particularly in the staff preparation.

The flow of the guest rhythm throughout the Hotel Seri Malaysia Reservation The clients or invitees who decide to remain at Hotel Seri Malaysia can do their reserve or room engagement through hotel’s web site. travel agents such as Agoda or booking. com. or name the hotel itself. If the reserve is accepted. the reserve agent or hotel staffs will make a reserve record that linked with Guest Centrix system. This reserve position may include the invitees item and specific petition which will assist the hotel to supply modified service to the invitees during his or her stay. All the inside informations on invitees may assist the hotel staffs to finish the pre-registration activities such as delegating room harmonizing to the petition from invitee. room rate to be charged to the guest pagination during the stay. The hotel staffs need to do certain that the room is available when the invitees arrive at the hotel.


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After the invitees arrive at the hotel. the front office will responsible for the enrollment and room assignment procedure. The front office demand to clear up the question of the invitees particularly the inside informations of the room rate or bundles that had been booked on. Before that. front office demand to do certain the guest’s reserve position before get downing the enrollment procedure and look intoing them in. The invitees will filled in the enrollment signifier that contain the full name. designation card Numberss. place reference. charge direction. reserve inside informations and others. Once the method of payment confirmed and been signed by the invitees. the enrollment procedure is complete. The invitee may be given the cardinal card and breakfast vouchers during the corsets.

During The Accommodation Period

During the tenancy. the front office is responsible for pull offing guest petitions and supplying the information and supplies to the invitees. Besides. front office should react to the guest petitions on clip in accurate mode and run into the guest outlook of the hotel service. During this period. the security will be chief consideration by the hotel. The front office should detect the hotel criterion runing processs in managing the guest key. guest personal belongings. exigencies that besides of import. The front office will detect the extra charges that need to be added into invitee history that include the eating house charges. or telephone measures.


The last component in guest rhythm in hotel is look intoing out and making the invitees history record. During this phase. the invitees will settle down all the outstanding measures or payment to the front office. After finishing all the payment. the invitee will return the room cardinal card and leave the hotel.

The function of Guest Centrix System in Hotel Operation

Front Office Guest Centrix system has simplified the front officer in term of reserve. enrollment. cheque in and look into out of the invitees that remaining at Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar. The invitees who make room reserve through web site or travel agents. Guest Centrix system will make the engagement position and hive away the reserve position in the hotel database. The hotel’s web site has been designed to interact straight with Guest Centrix database that allows the invitees or clients to see the hotel available suites at certain day of the month and bundles offered. After the invitees or clients finished their engagement. the system besides offers the payment option such as recognition card or online banking and the verification will be sent by electronic mail.

During the enrollment. the front office will bespeak the invitees booking position before look intoing in. all the inside informations includes the room or bundles that already booked should be available for the invitees. The invitee can look into in to the hotel once the enrollment procedure complete. The cardinal card that been given to the invitees has linked with the hotel information system. The cardinal card system will supply different information on the room tenancy position which is reserved. occupied. or available.

For the look intoing out procedure. the front office will advise the invitees with outstanding payment during the adjustment period. The outstanding payment is automatically been added in the invitees account which is called guest pagination. The invitee can make up one’s mind on payment method such as recognition card. debit card or hard currency every bit long as the hotel accepted it. In add-on. the guest information informations will automatically hive away in the hotel information system. The record is called guest history and all the informations such as guest personal information. particular demand or even past reserve is stored in Guest Centrix system. This enables the hotel staffs to place the repetition or new invitee that choose the hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar.

Housekeeping The front office and housework staffs were linked with each other. All the interactions between both sections particularly about the room that need to be clean. inspect or repaired will automatically demo in Guest Centrix system. For each room that is occupied or available. the room position will be clean or dirty. The housework staffs are responsible to clean the room so that the room position alterations through the Private Branch Exchange ( PBX ) Interface and record it as clean in Guest Centrix System.

PBX interface is used to do connexions amongst the internal telephone in all suites with the Guest Centrix system. The front office will informed the housework staffs by utilizing the walky-talky to inspect the room and the housework staffs will supervise the room. After the occupation done. the housekeeper will press certain codification by utilizing telephone at the inspected room and nexus with the Guest Centrix system and notified the system that the room is already inspected.

Food and Beverages

For the invitees who dine in in the hotel eating house. all the measures from the eating house will be insert by the nutrient and drinks staffs in the invitee history that will automatically linked to the Guest Centrix system. During the look intoing out procedure. the front office may mention into the invitees account to separate the entire payment should be paid by the invitees.

Hotel Manual System

Human Resource Human resource section in Hotel Seri Malaysia is utilizing punch card system to form the staffs working hr and day-to-day attending. The hotel will tracked the paysheet sum through the punch card system.

Besides. the human resource section utilizing the filing system to pull off the hotel staffs record. All the information of permanent. contract and leaving staffs are stored in hotel filing system. Security and care

For security and care section. there are surveillance system which is CCTV system that monitors the hotel installations. and environing countries. In Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar. CCTV system is used to detect different countries from a cardinal control room. In the cardinal control room. there will be one or two security officer that will supervise through the CCTV screen show.


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