Influence That Affect Children and Young Peoples Development Essay

Educational environment- Settings that do not meet the statutory requirements required within the EYFS can affect a child’s development and potential. Within our setting we value parent’s participation as they are the child’s main educators, we are available at all times to speak with parents about their child or any concerns they have. We hope parents will see our setting as a safe and secure place that they can leave their children. We have a key person system that enables us to have a positive attachment with parents and child.

We encourage children to explore our setting we provide a free flow system that encourages the children to explore every area and for them to chose which activities they will take part in. Parents and children are made to feel welcome and comfortable with staff members. We are inspected by ofsted and we maintain the standards and guidance that is set by them and we regularly reflect and continue to develop our practice. Family expectations and encouragement- If we do not help and support children and young people, this can lead to low confidence and low self-esteem and sometimes spiral into challenging behaviour.

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When too much pressure is put on a child to do well this can result in the child getting stressed and afraid of failure such as when a parents puts pressure on a child to attend ballet lessons when the child doesn’t want to, the child will not do well in this because they don’t want to do it. Health status- Children or young people that have ill health may spend a vast amount of time in hospital or attending hospital appointments, this will impact on the child’s development due to missed time from pre-school or school, this can affect education on all aspects of development such as emotional and social aspects, making friendships etc.

Asthmatics triggered by certain conditions could affect a child’s physical stamina and may need to take time out attending hospital/ doctor’s appointments etc. Ill health can affect many aspects of a child’s development such as medication that may cause drowsiness and certain medications can restrict them on what they can do. Due to time being taken off for appointments this can affect their social skills and it can also slow down development and learning skills. There are some older children that look after parents that are ill, this is a huge impact on the young person social life and a lot of responsibility at such a young age.


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