Industrial Relations Case Essay

Of all the instance surveies and ethical quandary that pupils are asked to see. this week’s is the most relevant to current challenges confronting the fabrication sector. The Oz Clothing instance relates to vesture and fabric but is could every bit associate to automotive. white goods and even building sectors. This week’s instance asks that you consider the function of a figure of cardinal stakeholders in Industrial Relations and significantly the function of Fair Work Australia ( FWA ) does or could play in industrial relationships and strategic waies for companies OC to Oz dressing Question 5

To discourse the consequence of FWA on industrial dealingss at Oz Clothing can entry with the component of IR. Firstly industrial dealingss have covered several facets of industrial life as trade unionism. corporate bargaining. workers’ engagement in direction. subject and reading of labour regulations and codification of behavior ( Christopher 2012 ) . As the globalisation. economic downswing and legislative alteration raised all these subscribers have shaped the IR mentality with a re-examination of manner it placed.

Fair Work Australia is the national workplace dealingss tribunal that was established under the Fair Work Act 2009 which carries out a scope of maps associating to norm of pay and employment conditions. endeavor bargaining. industrial action. expiration of employment and other workplace affairs. From one side it set out series of statute law and ordinances passage about dismissal applications. Once the employee was dismissed for the ground of run outing paysheet accounting which was rough and unfair. if there was no instance of echt redundancy the FWA may acquire involved to cover with that for general protection ( Scott 2009 ) . This mean the strategic way for Oz is tough to do over its fabrication sectors and disregard the remainder of workers.

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Besides in the instance survey Oz Clothing intend to close down the low-skilled. labour-intensive fabrication industry. This would hard to implement as forced by FWA map of easing corporate bargaining and implementing good religion bargaining ( Stone 2010 ) . Federal authorities understanding as prescribed by international trade pacts and free trade protection is traveling to cut down the advantage of local fabric industry that there is no rely on any aid such as duty protection ( Nelson 1997 ) . So the director had to manage the higher company revenue enhancement and maintain operation of industry by their ain force.

On the other manus harmonizing to Roberts ( 2005 ) stated the Rudd labour authorities agreements with a greater precedence provided for trade brotherhood involvements. For the Clothing Worker Union against the hazard of employment turn-off that will forestall understandings stoping and Transport Workers Union can halt Oz signifier concern sell off to the other trading state. The wage political relations is hard to manage and would act upon organisational scheme

Meanwhile in footings of awards and award modernisation plan. the FAW has the authorization to set minimal rewards and award status with Fair Work Ombudsman. By doing and changing awards in workplace dealingss system. this map would impact Oz Clothing on their film editing operation of Australian fabrication because the monolithic wage bundle can non been covered by executive determination.

Christopher C. Steven R 2012 ‘Industrial Relations a Journal of Economy and Society’ . Regent of the University of California. vol 51. Issue 4

Nelson. L. G 1997 ‘Managers and endeavor bargaining’ Asia Pacific diary of Human Resources. 35 p. 54 Roberts. C. 2005 ‘Me Inc’s challenge’ . BRW. 20-25 oct. pp. 16 Scott. S 2009 ‘Gillard gets tough with provinces on IR’ . Australian Financial Review. 29 January. p. 7 Stone. R J 2010. Pull offing Human Resources. 3rd edn. John Wiley & A ; Sons Australia Ltd. Milton QLD


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