Individual responsibility Essay

A citizen is a member of a community. province. or state. Citizens have rights and duties as household members. as pupils in a schoolroom and school. and as members of their community. province. and state. Bing a good citizen agencies:

Following regulations and Torahs Being responsible and respectful Helping others

At Home
Rights: Childs have the right to the basic demands of life. including nutrient. shelter. and vesture. They besides have the right to populate in a safe place where they are protected and can have love. comfort and attention. All household members have the right to be treated with courtesy and regard. A healthy life style that includes protection and the right to wellness and medical attention should be the right of every kid. Rules: Families set their ain regulations for the protection and wellbeing of each member of the household. Rules are normally set by the grownups who want to do certain that their kids stay healthy and are safe. Rules help things to run swimmingly in the household. Rules may alter as kids get older and have more duties.

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Rules may affect bedtimes. family jobs. sing friends. or playing outside. Working and playing by the regulations helps households pull off their clip together and populate together peacefully. Cooperation is of import in households. Duties: Bing a responsible household member means cognizing and following the family’s regulations. It means assisting parents or care-givers and collaborating with brothers and sisters. It is the duty of household members to be honorable and just to each other. Families should work together while esteeming each member of the household as an person. At School

Rights: All pupils have the right to be treated reasonably and with regard. They have the right to larn in an orderly. safe schoolroom. Students have the right to be encouraged and challenged to make their best. Rules: Our schoolrooms and schools have regulations to maintain pupils and staff members safe and healthy. They help to do it easier for everyone to larn in a pleasant scene.

It is of import for every pupil to follow school and schoolroom regulations and non upset other pupils by interfering with their acquisition. Duties: It is the duty of all pupils to go to school and seek their hardest to larn. A responsible individual wants to be the best he or she can be. Being responsible agencies doing determinations about what is right and what is incorrect and so taking to make and state the right thing. It means esteeming the rights of other pupils and listening to their thoughts.

When we accept single differences we learn that everyone has something to offer. Students can demo esteem for others by sharing. and waiting to take their bend. Sometimes respect means doing via medias. This means you don’t ever acquire your manner when work outing jobs or differences. It means making what is best for the bulk. Responsible pupils are careful with their belongings and properties. They besides care for things that belong to others. They help maintain their school and schoolroom clean and orderly and volitionally assist others. Joining nines and take parting in school activities and events helps us to be better citizens. By working together we learn regard.

In Your Community. State. and State
Rights: All persons are given certain rights by the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights ( See hypertext transfer protocol: //www. studyzone. org/testprep/ss5/b/valsamdeml. cfm. ) that can non be taken off. A good citizen does non interfere with or take away the rights of their neighbours or other members of the community. Rules and Laws: It is of import for everyone to follow regulations and obey Torahs. Laws create equity and protect the wellness and safety of all persons. They protect our freedom and democracy. We must obey Torahs or pay effects.

Good citizenship for grownups besides means functioning on jury responsibility and paying revenue enhancements. Duties: As an grownup. being an informed citizen about our authorities and community is an of import duty. Voting in elections is merely one duty of all good citizens. Volunteering to assist in the community. fall ining worthwhile community events or organisations. and assisting people who need aid are other duties. It is of import for citizens to be active in their community and aid others whenever possible.

There are many ways for kids to be good citizens excessively. Young people can volunteer to assist clean up their community by following a street or main road. or cleaning up a vacant batch. They might see infirmaries or nursing places and portion their endowments or merely chat with those who need a friend. Children might offer to assist a neighbour. or cut down a lawn or shovel a private road for an aged individual. By volunteering and assisting others. people build better communities. Bing involved makes voluntaries experience good about themselves excessively. Definitions

citizen: a individual who is a member of a community. province. or state via media: an understanding made by happening a in-between land through spring and take bulk: more than half of the people effects: the consequence of an action ; what happens to person because he or she has done something voluntary: people who give their clip to assist others without acquiring paid


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