Individual Project Essay

Foods that are liked and disliked are generally influenced by the areas where people live and possibly by the area of their ancestors. Given a scenario of anticipating the opening of a hamburger fast-food restaurant in the countries of United Arab Emeritus (AJAX), Israel, Mexico, and China, we must first begin by looking into their culture and how that may influence how food is prepared and what is contained in the food(s). A country’s culture will also dictate how meals are consumed, where they are consumed, and at what time of day they are consumed.

In the United Arab Emeritus, for example, all meats that are approved must be butchered under Islamic hall method. Any type of pork meat products and predatory animals with fangs or tusks are not approved since it is forbidden in the Islamic Religion. There are no specifications on the ways meats are cooked here. In Israel, there are religious factors that are to be considered when preparing food(s). The Jewish population is bound by dietary laws called karakas which forbids the eating of pork products and shellfish along with consuming both milk products and meat in the same meal.

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International Business Communications Many of the restaurants in Israel respect these rules whereas not all Israelis do. Mexico does not religious or other factors concerning what types of food you may or may not eat, but consideration should be taken for some spicier items on the menu. China, as with Mexico, does not have religious or other factors concerning their food types. The Chinese do, however, consider socializing at dinner time as very important and not to blemish a meal with converse Zion.

It is not only vital to understand how food preparation is done and what types of food would be allowed in these four particular countries, but how one will prepare to work and communicate with the native people of a reticular country. Therefore, it is important to know whether the country is Collective or Individualistic. In individualistic cultures, value is placed on individual uniqueness and self-determination. In collective cultures, people are expected to identify with and work well in groups or teams that will protect them with results of loyalty and compliance.

Mexico, United Arab Emeritus, and China are considered as collective cultures and Israel as an individualistic culture. Part II – Cultural Shock Understandably and potentially, most of the employees hired for your assistant will be from the local area so you would want to position someone in leadership you know and trust. This may require the manager/leader to relocate to the country in question and should prepare themselves for any unforeseen cultural shocks.

Cultural shock is defined as “a sense of confusion and uncertainty sometimes with feelings of anxiety that may affect people exposed to an alien culture or environment without adequate preparation,” (Merriam-Webster, 2015). International Business Communication Four distinct stages identified by psychologists that describe the phenomena f cultural shock are: excitement, withdrawal, adjustment, and enthusiasm (Middle Kingdom Life, 2010). For example, in China, everything is different.

The currency, food, morals and ethics, social customs and traditions, personal hygiene, medical care and family life are the major cultural changes. In Mexico, some of the cultural shocks may include the expediency of errands and tasks to be completed, language barrier for those who do not speak or understand English as Spanish is the official language, meeting and greeting of both friends and casual acquaintances kiss each other on the right cheek, to uncommon for people to say “Provence” (enjoy your meal) as they exit from a restaurant, and understand that family is of high importance in Mexican culture (Marcia Bales, 2014).

In the United Arab Emeritus, housing is segregated for nationals and immigrants and subdivided further by class, social power, ethnicity, and nationality. Lunch, being the main family meal, consists offish, rice, meat, and vegetables that are eaten at home around two o’clock in the afternoon. Emirates are known for their hospitality and guests are welcomed with coffee and fresh dates. Those men who are in a distinct social category wear a white robe and white head cloth with black rope, while women wear long dresses with a head cover and black cloak.

Women of I-JAY tend to seek jobs that do not contain mixing with men or cause a lengthy commute (Avenge, Inc. , 2015). Israel, as a whole, is a place of informality. To some, Israelis appear rude when in fact they willing to help. Bureaucracy is the main cause of frustration die to the length of time it takes to complete even a simple administrative task. The dress code for summer may find women in skimpy dresses and men wearing swim shorts. In religious and conservative areas though, appropriate dress is required so as not to offend.

The Hebrew language is prevalent in Israel, but English and Russian is also widely spoken and understood. Tipping is expected in restaurants, driving is fast, aggressive, and dangerous, handshakes or kiss on the cheek are common, and gift-giving such as wine, flowers, or chocolates are common in business settings (Irish Nurses, 2014). Part Ill – Expediters Expeditor’s speed up the progress or process of cutting through the “red tape” that goes along with attempting to open a business in different entries.

According to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1 977, companies are prohibited from paying bribes to foreign government officials and political figures for the purpose of obtaining a business. Expediters must follow strict compliance regarding the laws and regulations as applied to activities in foreign countries where we do business. An expeditor’s interests cannot at any time or under any circumstance be governed by unethical or illegal behavior in order to gain profits or advantages.

The goal of an expediter is to provide quality services and not mislead the public. With laws in place, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (APPC), the business practices of a company in a foreign country can be regulated through the requirement of accurate record keeping practices and adequate internal controls for verification from underlying source documents. The APPC not only applies to the expediter(s), but to the directors, officers, employees, and partners acting on or for the behalf of expeditor’s, regardless of physical or geographic location.


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