India become rich no matter what the

India should start
focusing on solving its biggest problems rather than worrying about becoming world’s
great power and by this India can become a great nation. At present, regardless
of the growth, India is failing. And while China has made its great leap
forward, India is still two steps ahead and then trip (tripping) back one. 

A nation is made with
people united, as I was taught no nation can survive in the world if the people
have different goals. All should work together to achieve greatness, where
everyone is equal, as that is not the case in India because 50% of people are
just waiting for opportunities to become rich no matter what the consequence,
10% of people just don’t care anymore and rest 40% does want a change in the
society and the people of the society because they know to fix the nation,
fixing the society is necessary.

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Crime rate in India is
increasing, not because police isn’t doing something but because pressure of
politicians and superiors, and also the Media.
Media because if a police officer catches a thief , then there will be no
news , but if he beats him, then Human rights commission and media comes and
says he is a human being beating him is not right, Also even if police officer
catches a rapist (My personal opinion is to Execute him in front of public) but
media and human right commission still bails him or protects him, like in the
recent case NIRBHAYA the rapist walks free , I know that they
were given death sentence after sometime, but my point is they walked free even
after everyone knew  that they were the
criminals, due to lack of evidence.

Our Government is corrupted, only politician in my
opinion who is doing something for the country is our P.M Narendra Modi, although
some people make laugh of his actions but I believe he is planning a strategy
for a long game. It may come in news
that corruption has decreased and I personally also can say that it did
decrease but those who have been caught are the once who stopped but what about
those who haven’t been caught yet, there have been many scams some scamsters
have been caught some are still enjoying in
the shadow. Total tax collected in India in year 2016-17 is  estimate
of Rs 16.97 trillion and I don’t think that even half of it has been used
for the development of India. These scamsters don’t care about anything else
like equipment for military e.g., vests are made from cheap materials just so
that money will be saved and it results in the death of brave souls , and their
families are given just 2 lakh rs. And the politicians are just useless, they
can only provide excuses and accusations for others but when it comes to do something
you won’t believe that they are nowhere to be seen, but when elections will
come they will be there to tell not what they have done but what they will do
if you vote for them and they win, but after they  have won the election, they will say it is not
under our authority its someone else job ask them and in a blink of an eye 4 years passes and their campaign starts again
where they make fake promises again. AND

Education in India is seen as a business rather than
an opportunity to make a change, private schools and colleges can and does
increase their fees as they seems fit due to which poor parents and even
average families are unable to keep up.



India should become a nation where poverty has been totally eradicated, crime
against women and children is absent, illiteracy removed, and no one in the
society feels alienated.

India should become
an inspiration for others.


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