Incandescent Light Bulb and High Achievers Essay

Some say that high achievers- people who reach their ambitious goals because of their determination and skills- always get ahead at the expense of others. When one political candidate is elected others are defeated; when someone wins in any kind of competitive event, others lose. Buy this view of achievers is too negative. By improving the world around them and providing an example for all to follow, achievers benefit others as well as themselves. Do the actions of high achievers infinite all people?

A: High achievers benefit immensely from their own hard work and their skill. They are society role models. High achievers are usually sensitive and seek recognition from others; this gives them the much needed determination to succeed. However, do they benefit all people? We are sure that without high achievers society could never progress and that the likes of Isaac Newton and Mozart have changed the course of the world. Surely high achievers must stand upon some people to get where they are today? Perhaps they are not able to benefit everyone in the world?

Here are some examples. George Washington was the role model of the American Revolution. He was Just an ordinary boy from Virginia but raised his own army and with the help of the French, he defeated the world’s best army at that time, the British. Washington inspired his men, who begged him to surrender, by making speeches and acting like a role model. His ability never to give up helped him greatly. He benefited the American people by making the country independent and led the entry well while he was president.

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Nevertheless, this revolution did not benefit the British and soon led to a revolution in France against the royal family. Therefore, Washington did not benefit all people. Not only Thomas Edison did invent the light bulb after countless tries, but he also helped with the invention of film. He developed ways to record people’s actions and eventually sounds. His invention of the light bulb benefited people the most by far all over the world for over 100 years.

Still, there are people who do not use the light bulb or do not have access to electricity. Although he benefited most people over the globe, there are still some who he has not. Even though the actions of achievers will always affect the world greatly in the future and has done several times already, they do not benefit everyone as I have shown in the examples above. In conclusion high achievers are necessary for society to continue, but they do not benefit all people.


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